Siria, ammazzati, vescovi ortodossi

[[ Siria liberati i due vescovi ortodossi. ANSA. it‎ – 4 giorni fa ]]. but bisogna scavare con molta testardaggine per trovare questa notizia “nascosta” nei media ebraici internazionali del sistema massonico Bildenberg del signoraggio bancario. [[ Siria vescovi rapiti; anche Atene non conferma liberazione. ANSA. it ‎- 3 giorni fa Diocesi Aleppo nessun contatto con i due arcivescovi ortodossi … Continua a leggere

refugees in Lebanon

[salafis imperialism will destroy my Israel] Terrorists fire 3 mortars against al-Midan Damascus An armed attack fires 3 mortar shells the first one targeted an area near the HQ of Tishreen Newspaper the second near a public park and the third was fired on the surroundings of the area. The shelling resulted in one martyr and two other injuries plus … Continua a leggere

Stan Meyer elettrolisi

Vanalkic ie NWO synagogue aliens abductions 322 666 CIA IMF talmud satanic nazi racist – and why you’re dressed like a devil rotten? but I have not lied to you! you go around for go in to all the sewer of hell very soon! so Jesus (scientific historiography) has lied to go to the cross! and the Apostles (scientific historiography) … Continua a leggere


[also in the story the Christian martyrs Orissa? India has lost all international credibility] Marò [India contro Italia] ‘Fermo disaccordo’. New Delhi insorge. La Farnesina ‘Hanno violato il diritto internazionale’. 1. infatti la nave italiana era in acque internazionali 2. i proiettili che hanno uccisi i pescatori non erano quelli in dotazione dei “Marò”. 3. le lungaggini giudiziarie erano un … Continua a leggere

rogue nations Jordan

rogue nations Jordan 6_7. [50 rogue nations Jordan] They also encounter discrimination and the threat of mental and physical abuse. Radical Islamists are becoming more active in society and there have been reports of violence and killings of Muslim-background believers. [Converts can find their marriages annulled and children taken from them. They also encounter discrimination and the threat of mental … Continua a leggere

Grande Persecutore

Grande Persecutore Mahmoud Ahmadinejad è molto strano il fatto che Dio inizia personalmente il suo lavoro con Abramo ecc. e poi lo fa finire ad un angelo! comunque se un angelo dettasse il Corano a te? tu subito lo faresti mettere in forma scritta mentre tutti sanno che il Corano è stato scritto dopo che Maometto è morto (se si … Continua a leggere

devastating power

devastating power IsraelNationalTV – My dear brother! we have arrived at a crossroads to a point of no return. This is certain for me “have decided to destroy it; all life on the planet” and then like Noah underground come out with their Satanist and aliens to the world as they like. since they have many things by the criticize … Continua a leggere


I subbed 25_31. [IMF a Rothschild? is worse!] entertaining you in the contents of my sites. * Generically for everybody more can not be Promised! * Requirements Juridical and essential procedures to abjure the Institutions of the enemy and to return to the possession of his / her own liberty 1. formula a solemn oath and to fault go out … Continua a leggere

Exterminate GOIM

Exterminate GOIM 49/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] The Christian That To be discovered study The Law of Israel merits The death. In Sanhedrin(59a) it says The Rabbi Jochanan says To goi (pay) That sticks The Nose in The Law is guilty of death. “II. Occidendi sunt Baptisma suscipientes Iudaei. Hilkhoth Akum(Christian) X2 … Continua a leggere

bank banking International

monetary sovereignty 68/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] Not I said of The beginning That I Told something of Pleasant but only That What I Would have shown That really The Talmud Teaches About Christians And Not believe That I could do it more Appropriate. I realize however That given That The Truth … Continua a leggere