437, 581, China, supports, objective investigation, alleged, chemical weapons, use in Syria

China supports just, objective investigation into alleged chemical weapons use in Syria Aug 26, 2013   Beijing, (SANA) – The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that China supports conducting an independent, objective, just and professional investigation into the alleged chemical weapons use in Syria to ascertain what happened as soon as possible, stressing that the only solution to the crisis in … Continua a leggere

436, لصالح المعارضة المكونة من قوات متناثرة

عربي ـ دولي>>بوتين يبحث مع كاميرون الوضع في سورية.. لافروف: اتهام الحكومة السورية باستخدام السلاح الكيماوي باطل وندعو لعدم تكرار أخطاء الماضي 26 آب , 2013   موسكو-سانا بحث الرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين مع رئيس الوزراء البريطاني ديفيد كاميرون خلال اتصال هاتفي اليوم الوضع في سورية والمسائل المرتبطة بالقمة المرتقبة لقادة دول مجموعة العشرين التي ستنعقد في مدينة بطرسبورغ الشهر المقبل. وأعلن المكتب الصحفي … Continua a leggere


ImJesusChristMessiah (1 sett. fa) YouTube Rewind 2012 WakeUpUSAxRonPaul 2 secondi fa @666 CIA 187AUDIOHOSTEM — 1. perché, il tuo, IhatenewLayout, NSA, DATAGATE, 666, lui blocca, il mio canale di “AllDavidDuke”, su questa pagina? 2. perché, io continuo a trovare, documenti, a cui viene, sottratto, il titolo ed i tag, ed a volte, sono documeti multipli, che, sono stati inseriti nel … Continua a leggere

434, sterminio dei cristiani, Siria, Bonino, esilio Assad, emma Bonino, BILDENBERG

YouTube Rewind 2012   @Emma Bonino BILDENBERG — ovviamente, non ti ho accennato, al collaterale, fenomeno, dello sterminio dei cristiani, perché, noi che siamo i radicali, a noi che, ci importa dello sterminio dei cristiani?, mica siamo cristiani anche noi! allDavidDuke 6 minuti fa Siria: Bonino, esilio Assad è alternativa.. Soluzione anche deferimento a Corte penale internazionale, 26 agosto, 16:14. … Continua a leggere

433, 666, cannibal, criminal, Bush, Obama, Rothschild, masonic system, IMF, 322,

 666 IMF FED CIA, 187AUDIOHOSTEM, 322, ECB, DataGate – marcuime, decomposition, stench, vermin! what you have done, on this page, for becoming the “leader” of the worms? which doctrine which you have expressed, on becoming the leader, to whom? I could become your follower, if only, if, I could have the gift of being able to listen to your teachings. … Continua a leggere

432, IMF, Spa, NWO, FED, ECB, SpA, corporations, 322, OGM, aliens, A.I., DATAGATE, “big brother”, Bush, CIA, Pharisees Anglo-American, Enlightened,

IMF NWO FED, ECB, SpA, corporations, 322, OGM, aliens, A.I., DATAGATE, “big brother”, Bush, 666. CIA, Pharisees Anglo-American, Enlightened, unfortunates cursed murderers, the Masonic system Bildenberg, of all the false democracies,of : seigniorage banking stolen from the people — [demo (ni) cracy (crazy)] – at this point, as we can say that: God: YHWH HOLY, he was cruel, when he … Continua a leggere

431, sublime science, Satan, man, God, worshiping, beasts, Masons, atheists, evil society

sublime science, Satan, man, God, worshiping, beasts, Masons, atheists, evil society   The sublime science of Satan, if you take away from man, God? by worshiping the beasts, beasts themselves! Masons, and atheists: they wanted all this evil society] 10 July 2013, out of his mind– – Then, the three of them, the father, of 53 year-old bank employee, mother … Continua a leggere

430, Syria, Christians, danger of war, death, being kidnapped, robbed, terrorists, islamists, Arab League

Syria, for Christians in the midst of the danger of war, death, of being kidnapped, robbed (by terrorists islamists of Arab League)] Until now the only organization able to distribute food and offer hospitality to the thousands of displaced people in the province of Aleppo is the local Caritas, which operates through the parishes and convents scattered in the various … Continua a leggere

429, PAKISTAn, EU, Blasphemy, in Pakistan, European Court’s, attack,

PAKISTAn, EU, Blasphemy, in Pakistan, European Court’s, attack, on the crucifix [ masonic crazy: for satanism ideological: ie, private: banKING seigniorage: of pharisees IMF SpA]. The Italian and European world, engaged in an exhausting war in Afghanistan, are increasingly becoming aware that they cannot win by military might alone, but also need to approach the cultural problem of the relationship … Continua a leggere

428, Compass Direct News, opendoorsuk, criminal islamists salafis, sharia, imperialism, saudi arabia

Compass Direct News [opendoorsuk: criminal islamists salafis, for sharia imperialism saudi arabia] Finally, Istanbul gives Syriac Christians a place to build: a cemetery. Syriacs call it a ploy to pit Christian communities against each other. Istanbul, December 18 (World Watch Monitor) — Three years after a Syrian Orthodox foundation applied to build a church in Istanbul, the Greater Istanbul Municipality … Continua a leggere