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25_31. [IMF a Rothschild? is worse!] entertaining you in the contents of my sites. * Generically for everybody more can not be Promised! * Requirements Juridical and essential procedures to abjure the Institutions of the enemy and to return to the possession of his / her own liberty 1. formula a solemn oath and to fault go out of the depth of your heart (if you do not believe in God swears it on yourself and on your children) then to add an Any declaration That You Will want to set out also to Will 2. When We will send forth your secret code using an algorithm w w Will Immediately destroy every trace of your identity. Your declaration to or to your application application of yours joined (in the houses of death) you can be made public by our association

my JHWH — quando satanisti e massoni presi dalla disperazione saranno costretti ad usare centinaia di loro agenti segreti per cercare di scandagliare per scoprire una qualche mia parola falsa compromettente oppure una mia vulnerabilitità studiando attentamente circa i miei 5 milioni di articoli che io ho scritto in questi 5 anni? lol. poi migliaia di loro agenti finiranno al manicomio insieme a loro! lol. youtube 666 google CIA — stop! a bloccare la mia ADSL ad ogni mio articolo perché io oggi mi sto divertendo troppo!

my YHWH – who dared to bring evil lying racism violence predation in my humanity? I swear in the name of Jesus I will not let him neither also the roots in fact devastation destruction tribulation desolation will be his legacy! my JHWH — chi ha osato portare malvagità menzogna razzismo violenza predazione nel mio genere umano? lo giuro nel nome di Gesù io non lascerò a lui neanche le radici infatti devastazione distruzione tribolazioni desolazione saranno la sua eredità! Mon YHWH – qui a osé apporter le mal le mensonge le racisme la violence la prédation à mon humanité? Je jure au nom de Jésus je ne le laisserai pas ni aussi les racines en fait la dévastation la destruction la tribulation la désolation sera son héritage!

[of course genocide and conspiracy against the human race all Muslims and all the Pharisees should be sentenced to death!] is strong the evil of all the cutthroats religious maniacs the Nazis of the League ARAB for the worldwide Caliphate. 07/17/2013 14 11. BANGLADESH. Islamist leader sentenced to death but Bangladesh continues downward spiral. The war crimes tribunal rules Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid secretary general of the Islamist party guilty of torture and mass murder. Supporters invoke nationwide strikes. Local source tells AsiaNews “These political struggles are harmful to the population the people are not in favour of extremism. ” Dhaka

In fact these criminals cursed of Muslims salafis for imperialism saudi? for them is not a crime to burn the Bible and the Christian together! In this way they have become the perfect pretext which the IMF has built to create the 3 rd WW nuclear that in turn is essential to perpetuate the power of the rabbis the Pharisees Illuminati Satanists of IMF; who planned the new Holocaust against Israel for this time! you mix natural religion with revealed religion the false prophets and bad prophets as Muhammad murderess of innocent people and peoples by the true prophets of Israel tu confondi la religione naturale dalla religione rivelata i falsi profeti e cattivi proofeti come Maometto dai veri profeti di Israele

33/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] 6 is TEACHING PROHIBITED To ACTIVITIES COMMERCIAL TO CHRISTIANS. In Iore Dea(154. 2) We read Not is Allowed To Teach Any business Akum(Christian) “II. IT IS DAMAGE The WORK OF CHRISTIANS. Given That The goyim(Gentiles) Are Jews As beasts of burden They belong To The Jews With And All Their Faculties The Their Lives The Life of A goi (pay) And All The Physical Abilities of The Property jew. “(A. Rohl. Die controversy. P. 20) is A of The Axiom rabbis That The jew can Take Anything belongs At To Christians For Any reason Too With The Fraud And This Not steal can be de Fined As That is just get This That his.

24/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] The Talmud ordains That They Are Attacked At Least indirectly And ie of Their cause of The Evil All The Way Possible And of Lower With This means The Their Power in order of help Tea Their Final destruction. When Possible The jew To kill The Christians And it mercilessly. Article I YOU MUST DO of The EVIL To At CHRISTIAN The jew has The obligation of To of The Evil To At Christians For What he may or indirectly Not helping in Any Way That directly destroying The And Their Plans Projects or should save The Christian in danger of death.

26/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] Those That Take The salvation of The Their soul however should stay Awad From such celebrations. It should say That is hate Ful Thing To rejoice With Them if This can be done Without incurring Their Enmity. “1 Not is PRAISE PERMITTED To CHRISTIAN in the Abhodah Zarah(20 A Toseph) We read Not To say Nothing Their Praise so Not it is said Com is What good goi (pay). “In This Way They Explain The Words of The Deuteronomy(VII 2). And Thou Not show Them(goyim(Gentiles) No mercy As cited in The Gemara The Rabbi S. Iarchi Explains This Passage of The Bible As Follows

35/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] As it is Written Return To What your brother That Is Been Lost(Deuter. XXII 3). In Fact one That returns(the Christians) To Lost Property sins Against The Law As it increases The Power of The Wicked of The Law is Laudable however returning Lost Property If This is done in honor of The Name of God ie Whether To because of This Will be Praised And Jews considered by Christians of Persons honor. “3 is PERMITTED De FRAUD THE CHRISTIANS In Babha Kama(113b) it says is only AFool Goyim. “and in Choschen Hammischpat(156. 5. Hagah) reads “If jew is good business With A Akum(Christian) in some Places Not is only To other Jews of To come

25/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] I Not YOU MUST DO of The GOOD To At CHRISTIANS Zohar(1. 25 b) reads “Those That They Are of The good of The Akum(Christian) Not rise From The dead. “To Times is Allowed To do of The good At To Christians but only For help Israel Namely For Love of Peace And For Nascondere the hatred Fed verse of Them. Maimonides in Hilkhoth Akum(Christian)(X 6) says is only The help gentle Needy As Well The Jews in Need For Love of Peace. “In Iore Dea(148. 12 Hagah) is reads “There Fore if you will Enter A city And Where you will Find That There is A Festival you can Pretend of Rejoice Together To Them For hiding The your hatred.

30/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] The Sunday is called The day of The disasters The FEAST of CHRISTMAS is called Nital That indicates Extermination. EASTER Not it is called With Tea his Proper Name Pesach(Passover) but Ketsach That it means breaking down or Kesach hanging. A CHRISTIAN CHURCH Not it is called Beth Hatte Fillah House of Prayer but Beth Hattiflah House of Vanity House of The Male. BOOKS of The GOSPEL Are Aavon called Gilaion Books of Unfairness. SACRIFICES CRISTINAI Are Offers called of Dung. In The Talmud of Jerusalemme(fol. 13b) is As Follows “One That he sees Them mezabbelim(de Fecate To offer The sacrifice) of The Face of Their idol

34/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] In Babha Bathra(54b) reads “All Things That belong To At goyim(Gentiles) Are As A desert The First That And Passes he Takes can claim The Property. “1 Not MUST KNOW TO To At PAY IF CHRISTIANS To PRICE TOO HIGH TO To JEW In Choschen Hammischpat(183. 7) reads “If you send To messenger To collect of The money To Akum(Christian) And The Akum(Christian) Pays more of how To The messenger keeps The difference but if The messenger Not he knows The you can keep For yourself. “2. THE LOST PROPERTY OF CHRISTIANS Not SHOULD NEVER BE THEIR RETURN In Choschen Hammischpat(226. 1) reads “The jew Will keep All Things That Find if you Are of owned of A Akum(Christian)

20/71[Talmud Christian vs. ] 3 Not AS A PHYSICIAN In Iore Dea(155. 1) it says “When To jew is in some Way injured so badly To have To break Even The Saturday making calls To doctor he Not it must rely To A doctor Christian(Akum(Christian) That Not To be known All in The Neighborhood in Fact We must Protect ourselves Against The Payment of blood. While Not if you know The Patient Will Live or die Not you Will Need To Allow The doctor of care For him. If however is is sure That die Then The doctor can Treat it As That A hours of Less Than A Living Not is A great Loss. Se the Akum(Christian) insists That A certain medicine is kind is only believe but Not buy it From him.

19/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] Thus The jew Not he must Take of The Christians Pay For The Work of mercy or of The Teacher his children or of barber doctor or midwife. 1 Not AS Balla In Iore Dea(81. 7 Hagah) it says “If is you can Take To Jewish Not you have To Take Nokhri As mercy For The children in Fact The milk of A Nokhrith hardens The heart of The child And gives him A Perverse Nature. “2 Not HOW TEACHER In Iore Dea(155. 1 Hagah) it says The child Not it must be given To The Akum(Christian) For imparare the Education The And Literature The Arts For They The Lead of The heresy. ”

22/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] 5 Not As A midwife in The Abhodah Zarah(26a) it says “Our rabbis have Trasmesso the Teaching That Not you can Allow The Foreign Woman of Act As midwife To The birth of A son of Israel Why Foreigners indulge in spreading of blood. The Elderly however say That A Foreign Woman can Pay This kind of Assistance Provided Jewish And other Women Are Present Not it is Never Le Ft Alone ​​the Rabbi Meir however says That What Not is Not Allowed When other Women Are Present. In Fact often The case That crush With The hand The soft head of The And The child kill him And This can be done Without That No one of The Present Notice it.

1. il sangue cristiano. pdf(who can do These crimes? He has Already decided To do The Whole human race one only bunch of slaves] ) 2. Grande rabbino Neofito Il sangue cristiano Nei riti Erraci della moderna Sinagona. pdf 3. Talmud E cristiani Pranaitis. pdf =============== ramialsaiad(5 ore Fa) SAID salam Alaikom dear. yes of course you have right. brother you have To know That Imam Ali Peace be upon him said The humans Are Two Part Either To brother in religion or Equal To you(same As you) in humanity. (It is Not The Exactly Translation). and sharia is Faked by bad People in Saudia Arabia. it is so sorry That They use Isla For There Advantage Thank you For your Feelings And Word. I Appreciate it To much Pease Ali )

23/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] CHAPTER II THE CHRISTIANS must be Exterminated The Followers of “the man The Named For The Jews means” May The And his Name The its memory be Erased Not other People must be considered of Where is Well rid. People That Take The children of Israel into captivity Are Romans And called Tyrants And With The destruction of The Jews Will have been Freed From This Fourth Captivity. Every jew is There Fore required To do Everything That may distruggere the For Wicked kingdom of The Edomites(Rome) That rules The World. Since however Not is Always And Wherever Possible This Extermination of Christians

IHateNEWLAYOUT ha pubblicato un commento 45 minuti fa you not make not new channel yet? –ANSWER — those which I have (about 50 CHANNEL) are excessive for me would have been better only one channel for me! but as you can say that “Satan save” and then you hide yourself like a coward behind the photo of St. Bartolo Longo who he when was your age he was a priest voodoo of satan. like you?

[[IsraelNationalTV vs. American Jews]] voi sapete questo il sistema economico FMI. da voi voluto può soltanto regredire nella vostra sfrenata avidità dello sfruttamento dell’uomo ebreo contro l’uomo goym voi siete una abominazione! Voi avete fatto troppo del male ai Paesi che vi hanno ospitato perché non soltanto voi avete distrutto il cristianesimo ma voi avete anche distrutto la loro identità avete reso fragili le loro istituzioni e reso inconsistente il fondamento etico. poiché è nella anarchia che voi potete succhiare meglio tutto il loro sangue(eros). e tutto questo? può soltanto terminare in tragedia(thanatos)! maledetti disgraziati è proprio a voi che con amore Dio vuole preparare una patria definitiva! non è quello che voi avete sempre desiderato? ipocriti. voi volete soltanto la distruzione di Israele come la distruzione di tutti i popoli poiché voi siete i satanisti!

drinkYpoisonJHWHwins ha pubblicato un commento 3 ore fa USA 666 IMF CIA 322 FED — i satanisti hanno il controllo del potere! io ho visto donne impalate dall’ano alla bocca queste donne erano attraversate infilzate da un palo di legno appuntito oppure queste donne erano messe sulla brace infilzate dallo spiedo di un maiale! CHIARO? chi entra nel satanismo ISTITUZIONALE riceve un perfetto controllo mentale perché; lui crede che il suo sacerdote di satana egli può leggere anche i pensieri! ora questa mostruosità come può essere fatta finire? poiché questo tuo satanismo Istituzionale coinvolge le istituzioni/ Governi di Inghilterra Francia Germania ed è presente “operativo” in tutte le false democrazie (demon-crazy) del signoraggio bancario? come tutto il genere umano è in pericolo ora?
Ahmed Rashidi

Kuwaiti right! Thanks brother شكرا اخي علي الكلمات الجميله وشكرا علي كل اخ ينشر كلماتي التي هي الخير للجميع ومطالب من القلب هي رساله تدخل القلوب الخيرة واتمنا لكم السعاده وان يكون الخير هو نور نتجهه له بقلوب صافيه ويد ممتده ليس لشيئ وانما للخير وهذا اكبر عمل يسعد به الانسان الصالح والله يحفظ الجميع من الظلام والغضب والشر

8_31. [IMF a Rothschild? is worse!] glimpsed the more obscure aspects of Judaism and its rites. The chapter 8 is dedicated to feast of Purim and place one two Function show the usiof the violence in the party “the fate” and show the close Connection between and Purim Pesach. Second the great Anthropologist English James George Frazer Christ died while it represented Aman (the “god” dying) in a drama of Purim in which (Jesus) Barabbas twice the price of Jesus of Nazareth had acted the part Mordecai (God that rises). In the model of “god” (put lowercase for contempt) that dies and reborn common all close toward the east would Aman the death (the strength the secret Talmud and Kabbalistic merged in seigniorage bank!)

musulmani — voi avete scelto la sharia cioè la violenza. così voi potete diffondere l’islam soltanto con la violenza! ma il mio Santo Islam? quello non è per voi! المسلمين — اخترت الشريعة الإسلامية هذا هو، والعنف. بذلك ، يمكنك نشر الإسلام فقط مع العنف! ولكن، يا القدوس الإسلام؟ هذا ليس لك! Musulmans – Vous avez choisi la charia c’est-violence. ainsi vous pouvez répandre vos faux islam seulement avec la violence! mais mon saint Un Islam? ce n’est pas pour vous! Muslims – you have chosen Sharia law that is violence. so you can spread your fake Islam only with violence! but my Holy One Islam? that’s not for you!

horror Muhammad in the Hell [I am indestructible invincible Lethal] ComunitaEbraicaRoma 2628342 – in a nutshell this is the will of God all parts of society and all religions must all be together to do work of team as in-one one canoe and all they have to push row in one harmonious sync and organizzata of fatigue the team for delivering the victory against the of the satanism International Monetary Fund New World Order and the Freemasonry’s cursed! but if a rowing machine tea his oar in the head a other rowing machine then will the Jews Satanists Illuminati i the Kakam racist rabbis i the of the cannibals blood of Christians to win and to do of all the human race to only one flock of animals enslaved and microcippati. or very chip here is why if the Jews will want to become Christians? I will personally beat you! I will plead

youtube — quando qualcuno dice a me ebreo arabo cinese africano ecc. ? tu puoi credere a me “io non so cosa significa!”

50/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] II. BAPTIZED JEWS SHOULD BE MADE To DEATH In Hilkhoth Akum(Christian)(X 2) reads “These Things(above) Are For The idolaters but Even The Israelites That Leave The Their And religion must be killed And become Epicureans We must Persecute Them To The End For They Afflict Israel And distract The People of God “and in Iore Dea(158. 2 Hagah) reads “The renegades That Are Aimed To At Pleasures of The Akum(Christian) And That They Are contaminated And Worshiping The stars The As Planets They Are must be killed. “Similarly it is said in Choschen Hammischpat(425. 5)

42/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] 1. To JEW MUST ALWAYS TRY of DECEIVE CHRISTIANS In Zohar(I 160th) it says The Rabbi Jehuda The has said(to The rabbi Chezkia) is Worthy of Praise Him That is capable of get rid of Enemies of Israel And Are very Worthy of The Praise The just That They Are released And Fight Them The Chezkia Rabbi Asked How should We Fight? The Rabbi Jehuda said With Wise Adviser War Against of Them. (Proverbs cap. 24 6) With That Type of War? The Type of War That Every child of man must Fight Against The his Enemies And That Jacob used Against Esau When Possible With The And deception The Fraud.

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