devastating power

devastating power
IsraelNationalTV – My dear brother! we have arrived at a crossroads to a point of no return. This is certain for me “have decided to destroy it; all life on the planet” and then like Noah underground come out with their Satanist and aliens to the world as they like. since they have many things by the criticize about what God would do forgetting that God not has done this world (which we all we have ruined through sin) but has done the Garden of Eden! mio caro fratello! noi siamo arrivati ad un bivio ad un punto di non ritorno. Questo è certo per me “hanno deciso di distruggere ogni forma di vita sul pianeta” e poi come dei Noè sotterranei usciranno con i loro satanisti ed alieni per far il mondo come piace a loro. poiché loro hanno molte cose da criticare circa quello che Dio avrebbe fatto dimenticando che Dio non ha fatto questo mondo(che noi tutti abbiamo rovinato attraverso il peccato) ma ha fatto il Paradiso Terrestre!

[[ do not need to be poor but you need to be honest! corrupt cursed wretches. CHINA NAZI. accomplice 666 FMI 322 NWO. ]] In recent months foreign media reports on the wealth accumulated by former Prime Minister Wen Jiabao the former governor of Chongqing Bo Xilai and the same Xi Jinping has caused quite a stir. Teng Biao revealed that at least 10 other peoe linked to the Gongmeng movement were arrested in Beijing and many more in other provinces. Like Xu they all are accused of disturbing public order “with the aim of subverting state power”. In a blog posted on the Internet on May 2012 Xu said that China “needs a new movement of citizens” to give birth to a “free democratic China governed by the law. ” Last April he was taken off a flight to Hong Kong and was put under house arrest until yesterday. He is currently being detained at n. 3 prison in Beijing.

there is no happiness outside of the love that is my universal brotherhood. as who wants what is good for itself he should not give his evil to others that is what it does the IMF. “only if you realizing the happiness of others you too can be happy!” non c’è felicità al di fuori dell’amore cioè della fratellanza universale. poiché chi vuole il bene per se stesso lui non dovrebbe dare il suo male agli altri cioè quello che fa il FMI. “soltanto realizzando la altrui felicità anche tu potrai essere felice!”


Abu Antar — also I’m not angry at you today all those who do not defend the Christian martyrs innocent they are my enemies! and if you slide across all the page as you have done yesterday? do bad too serious on me! all the genetic characteristics of the human race are only one evil for the devil we are all brothers but you as a Christian you should know this tutte le caratteristiche genetiche della razza umana sono soltanto una malvagità per il diavol noi siamo tutti fratelli ma tu come cristiano questo dovresti saperlo

[[IsraelNationalTV vs. American Jews]] yet God wants to forgive you all. And all countries of the Middle East? Be happy to give you their hospitality! to do a great kingdom in Palestine! Because there is not much difference between to launch a stone or to launch an atomic bomb! This hatred of which you are the cause? needs to stop! because if you do not go away by all the national bodies of which you are the parasites? they will be destroyed and you with them you will die! Also the Jews of Israel are entitled to peace and normality! but this is the truth also they no longer have a life because of you! this is your truth you are Satanists and to you do not like Israel really! but you Illuminati freemasonry continue to do the vampires for the destruction of all the peoples here because a rabbi in Roma did not want to speak with me on the phone because he knew that he of to be my murderess!

Benjamin Netanyahu — ma questa è la verità non esiste più un Occidente ma esiste il regime delle lobby ebraiche e massoniche dei poteri occulti FED FMI 666 del sistema tirannico dei poteri satanici del FMI Bildenberg e tutta la loro regia occulta (la più alta scienza dell’ingegneria sociale e dei monopoli SpA tutti nelle mani del solo Rothschid ) in questo modo daranno ancora una volta la colpa ai cristiani per lo sterminio Olocausto imminente di Israele durante la III guerra mondiale la nuova Shoah come già una volta hanno fatto dopo la II Guerra mondiale. visto che con la rivoluzione francese non esste più una politica che possa essere sotto il controllo dei cristiani in Occidente! ecco perché farisei e salafiti devono essere condannati a morte! perché avere un dialogo con loro è impossibile

1_31. [IMF a Rothschild? is worse!] after 5 centuries regime occult today is right impossible to talk about the seigniorage banking transfer? does not have more meaning thus the concept of historical source it everything may have been concealed destroyed manipulated. corrupt etc. is strength the money made from nothing Satanism ideological the Kabbalah that gets his as their objective the destruction of Hope of Israel and to destroy all people is is the unique thing for sure because The Church Catholic (limited to in Italy) proclaimed saints [(and we know to what rigor “manic” the Church Catholic proceed the canonization)] 4 of these children bled by the rabbis but (then with shame a lot after after 600 unnecessary excommunications and observed the destruction infamous

YHWH – have “”offended” “trampling”” the virtues. extolled vice are the accomplices of too innocent blood! here’s why “unius REI” I have decided to hit to death all of them. Amen in Jesus’s name allelluia hallelujah

ComunitaEbraicaRoma 2628342- ma nel film si vede un sacerdote cristiano che è al suo fianco come un figlio fedele tuttavia PADOSSALMENTE lui allontana questo giovane sacerdote inglese CRISTIANO che era stato con lui SIN DAL TEMPO del Sud Africa. perché evidentemente lui ha fondato la identità dell’India sulla base della religione confessionale induista. Cioè lo stesso tragico errore confessionale che sta commettendo lo Stato di Israele che in questo modo si è reso spregevole come tutti i paesi musulmani davanti agli Occhi santissimi di Dio JHWH e davanti alla gloria della mia regalità universale! Ma è stato questo errore tragico che ha fatto fallire tutti i suoi sforzi di nobilitare gli “intoccabili paria”

ron paul is old smelly ugly man going to die of cancer soon the same poop as author of this channel

7/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] Milk That A Goi Takes From A cow Though Not is To Present jew; Also Tea Their bread Etc “6 The JEW Not MUST NEVER ACT IN THE WAY OF CHRISTIAN In Iore Dea(178 1) it says Not is only imitate The customs of The Akum(Christian) And To Act As Them Not is As Allowed To Wear clothing Akum(Christian) And Even As combing hair They do or should The Jews build houses That resemble To At Temples of The Akum(Christian). “However given That Not is Possible To observe All These rules All The Places The Hagah says That up To A Point Exceptions can be made As if This return To Advantage of A jew

9/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] The result Was That Everything The Wine(of both The containers) had To be Thrown Away All The containers There Fore must be Washed Seth Ebreo the To be Acquired Christian Though Not is Never been used. In Iore Dea(120. 1) it says “If jew To bud From Akum(Christian) To Container To use it For Table As Well That The Fact is of metal of glass or of Lead Though is Again They must Wash in A Mikvah(large bowl) or in A Tank That keep Forty quarters of Water. “Article III. Christians Must Be Avoided Why Are Idolaters.

6/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] The our great Legislator The Hagah says The Bethin have The Power of Excommunicate This Person up To That he Not Free Tea his brother jew of The hands of The kind. “4 Not is PERMISSION TO USE THE CHRISTIANS AS WITNESSES In Choschen Hammischpat(26. 1) it says The Goi or The his servant is unable To Act As A Witness. “5. of The JEW Not is PERMITTED of Eating Of CHRISTIAN FOOD In Iore Dea(112. 1) it says “the Elderly Forbade of Eating The Food of The Akum(Christian) For Not Look of be on Terms of Friendship With Them. “and in The Abhodah Zarah(35b) it says “The Following Things That belong To At Goiim Are Forbidden

3/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] In Fact he is considered Almost Equal To God “Him That strikes Israelite” says The Rabbi Chanina “acts As if it slapped The Face of The Divine Majesty of God “The jew is Always considered good in spite of certain sins That can commit or can The sins de File more of The The dirt can contaminate The kernel of The Nut but just dirty Tea its shell. Soloth jew is given A Man The Whole World belongs To him And That All Things should care For him Especially “animals That have The Form of men is There Fore clear That They consider contaminants All The contact With The Christians

Kazakh expelled Renzi said “Letta talk in the classroom. ” Pd no no confidence to Alfano – ANSWER – including powers 1. Strong 2. occult 3. banking 4. SpA 5. IMF FED ECB 666. Masonic. etc. politicians are forced for scrambling to make the actors and to do pretend political sovereignty which can not exist. to look for with all their hypocrisy to save a semblance national dignity. but there is only one truth the whole human race it is now as a single object in the hands of the executioner IMF Pharisee Satanist Rothschild NWO 322 and you are all dead

[[IsraelNationalTV against. American Jews]] you know this masonic system Economic of the International Monetary Fund. that you have wanted it can only regress in your unbridled greed of exploitation of the jew man against the man goym you are an abomination! You have done too much harm at all countries that There have hosted why not only you have destroyed Christianity but you have also destroyed their identity have made fragile their institutions and made fragile inconsistent the ethical foundation. because it is in this anarchy that you can suck off all their blood (eros ). and all this? can only to end in tragedy (Thanatos)! damn unfortunate jewish ethernal against hope of Israel! but is for up better to you that with love God wants to prepare a homeland the final! is not that you have always wanted? hypocrites. you want only the destruction of Israel as the destruction of all peoples for ye are the true Satanists!

(The martyrdom of St. James the Apostle). that to of the reason his racism deriving from the rabbinic vision was is this the cause for the loss of the his invulnerability! because tea full power of God is lost when you lose the universal love for to put in place to behavior that is excluding attitude in place as a bank either one limitation Against qualche his the precious creatures made by God so gains no to have some subject limiting form for one some bullshit religious ideological or racial! but in the Movie you can see to Christian priest that is at his side as a faithful son however

07/18/2013 RUSSIA Court charges opposition blogger Navalny by Nina Achmatova Accused of fraud and embezzlement in Kirov the prosecutor requests six years imprisonment. Guilty verdict pronounced this morning sentencing yet to come if it is 6 years as requested by the prosecutor it will derail his running in municipal elections in Moscow on September 8. 07/17/2013 SYRIA – LEBANON For Caritas Lebanon the tragedy of Syrian refugees is “worsening day by day” The United Nations has described the Syrian tragedy as “the worst humanitarian crisis since the genocide in Rwanda. ” This echoes Caritas Lebanon which told AsiaNews that “the situation in the border areas continues to worsen epidemics in refugee camps and escalating sectarian clashes. ”

IsraelNationalTV — [[ PM Netanyahu’s meeting with the FM of Ireland Eamon Gilmore ]] 1. we make the kingdom of Palestine! 2. we destroy this State masonic of banking seigniorage of Israel! I’ll show you later the brutal terror against to all Muslims If they not are and not do the good guys! to contrary? all peoples will see the “brutal terror” very soon! 1. noi facciamo il regno di Palestina! 2. noi distruggiamo lo Stato massonico del signoraggio bancario di Israele! è dopo lo faccio vedere io il terrore brutale a tutti i musulmani se loro non fanno i bravi ragazzi! contrariamente? saranno tutti i popoli a vedere il “terrore brutale” molto presto!

[Kim Jong-un — tu sei il peggiore criminale del pianeta] 07/18/2013. NORTH KOREA. A million US dollars to interview Kim Jong-un. The North Korean dictator invites foreign dignitaries and journalists for the 60th anniversary of the armistice with Seoul. But demands an astronomical sum for any talks. An AsiaNews source “He must make cash in the south of the country it gets worse every day. ” Seoul. In a rare gesture of détente the North Korean government has invited hundreds of foreigners to Pyongyang for the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War among them diplomats and journalists of leading international news corporations. But to talk face to face with the dictator the young Kim Jong-un they will have to cough up 1 million dollars apiece. This was revealed by an anonymous source who received a press invitation along with the “rules” to follow in requesting an interview.

Greece ok to dl for new layoffs. The plan will affect against 25 000 public employees. July 18. The bill as part of action required by the troika (the criminals Masons 322 Bildenberg all the accomplices of loan sharks Pharisees Enlightened FED ECB IMF 666) for the release of a new tranche of the loan was approved with 153 votes out of a total 300 deputies. Today in Athens on German Finance Minister Schaeuble. – ANSWER – because the IMF 666 NWO 322 the Pharisees Satanic (Anglo-Americans) are trying to argue against against Greece? because it is an ally of Israel. and is for the same reason that were made to exterminate by Tito the 200 000 citizens of Udine and Gorizia in the Karst sinkholes because the transit of 200 000 Jews that fleeing from the Balkans. and this salvation at the risk of his life against the Nazis? without the complicity occult Palatucci etc. ? would have been impossible!

IHateNEWLAYOUT – I KNEW THAT ONLY AN EMPLOYEE OF YOUTUBE I could enter the site for do to me this joke but I have not thought of you immediately. but Because you has stopped pretending of to be Christian? I would not make to you the evil! and for this I’m sure the Holy Spirit also is happy! IHateNEWLAYOUT this I (Rei Unius) I have determined for all Satanists of America you will need to abstain of the sacrilege and of the blood absolutely(also of animals)! So the vampires not will be over also! if one Satanist will make a serious offense? Also everything his group will be held responsible! But in my kingdom of Palestine etc. no group of Satanists will be tolerated! I think it is to hear these things that you are logged into my site!

TURKEY islamists sharia imperialism Erdogan and the Pharisees the League Arba for plotting against Israel. ] which are a sign of the growing desire for democracy and justice in Turkish society. Turkish and foreign authorities were present at the meal to which the patriarch was invited. On this occasion Bartholomew expressed his thoughts on the unrest that trouble Turkey but also on the fate of Christianity in the Middle East. In a veiled reference to the protests in Gezi Park the patriarch said “We are excited and joyful witnesses to important facts that seek to find a solution to long-standing situations that have accumulated over the years in Turkish society even though they cause divisions and polarisation. ” Bartholomew also expressed appreciation for “the many steps taken by the current government and Prime Minister Erdogan on issues affecting minorities who have been discriminated against and have endured quite a lot of suffering. ”

[[The devastating power of Unius Rei]] IsraelNationaTV– If I am Unius Rei that is the Governor Universal sent by the Kingdom of God on this colony penal ie the planet earth! I has the total politic powers of representation of Kingdom of God. So this is my power namely to have the word creative! because only this could be the meaning of delegation in white that has give God to me because I can exercise a ministry of universal political. The responsibilities of God are only to ones to realize as I have said in time and in manner which He has chosen!
علي قسيم الجنة والنار. يقول للنار هذا لي وهذا لكِ‎

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