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66/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] And Those That Are “lost” As Follows “Let us Pray For The Per Fidi ous Jews That The Lord our God may Take Away The veilFrom Their hearts That They can recognize Jesus Christ our Lord. “Almighty And Eternal God That Not Even Exclude The Jews From your mercy hear our Prayer That offer For The blindness of The People That recognized The Light of The Thy Truth That is Christ out of The can its darkness For our Lord Jesus Christ. “How beautiful Are Thy HALLS or JACOB AND THE YOUR CURTAINS or ISRAEL!(Num. 24 5)

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Benjamin Netanyahu – when in 1600 he founded the Bank of England SpA Rothschild the Pied Piper he started playing his music of Death above all peoples and since he uses the Kabbalah which is satanic science for to spread the cobwebs on the Peoples then he can not say that the Holocaust of the Nazis was a hiccup. you see this “187AUDIOHOSTEM” he is the true manager of youtube? he first was “Synnek1” and also if in the NWO he is more powerful of politicians actors obliged as wagons to flow established on the rails of history and therefore he is more powerful of Obama since is higher to Obama in PYRAMID MASONIC of the NWO however he is a loser that in fact I forced him to do erased by himself his website for shame but this criminal wrote on my page of uniusrei3 which in his name have been deleted 1000. 000 sites.

[Each year 160 000 Christians are martyred killed out of hatred for Christ] These are the 50 Most Criminals Nation in the world 1. North Korea;2. Iran;3. Saudi Arabia;4. Somalia;5. Yemen;6. Maldives;7. Mauritania;8. Afghanistan;9. Bhutan;10. China;11. Laos;12. Uzbekistan; 13. Pakistan;14. Turkmenistan;15. Eritrea;16. Comoros;17. Chechnya;18. Iraq;19. Qatar;20. Egypt;21. Algeria;22. Azerbairgian;23. India;24. Myanmar;25. Libya;26. Nigeria;27. Oman;28. Kuwait;29. Brunei;30. Sudan;31. Tajikistan;32. Tanzania;33. Turkey;34. United Arab Emirates;35. Morocco;36. Cuba;37. Djibouti;38. Jordan;39. Sri Lanka;40. Syria;41. Tunisia;42. Biellorussia;43. Palestinians;44. Bahrain;45. Bangladesh;46. Ethiopia;47. Indonesia;48. Kyrgyzstan;49. Kenya;50. Vietnam. I swear by the living God in Jesus’ name the blood of martyrs will suffocate you. I come to snatch your soul “You will soon go down to hell!” “You are all lost!” Luke19. 27; by★ ReiUnius♰ King♥ Israel ♥Mahdi

YOUR CHALLENGES against me? can not be made because I am free from all the powers of darkness! is to prove his omnipotence which God allowed that the big pin voodoo came into my heart but in vain that is without damaging my health! but idiots go ahead ie unaware of their destruction! LE TUE SFIDE CONtro di ME? non possono essere fatte perchè io sono immune da tutti i poteri delle tenebre! è per dimostrare la sua onnipotenza che Dio ha permesso che il grosso spillo woodoo entrasse nel mio cuore ma inutilmente cioè senza danneggiare la mia salute! ma gli idioti vanno avanti inconsapevoli della loro distruzione!

14/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] Not is Allowed To sell Water To Akum(Christian) if you know That Will be used As baptismal Water. “He Also mentions of A Lot of other Things That is illegal To sell At To Christians As stuff That may be used For Packaging And Priestly vestments banners And Paper ink That may be used For Writing books Pertaining To The Their Worship is illegal To sell or Even To rent At To Christian homes That Will be used As Places of Worship. Today however Jews Trade With The Christians in Particular in The days of The Christian Festivals And sell Them of The houses knowing Full Well That certain sacraments Are Administered in such Publications As The Baptism

29/71[Talmud vs Cristiani] In diversi punti gli ebrei danno nomi ignominiosi alle cose cristiane. Non è fuori luogo elencarne qui di seguito alcuni che essi danno a cose e persone considerate care e sante dai cristiani GESU’ viene ignominiosamene chiamato Jeschu- che significa Possano il suo nome e la sua memeoria essere cancellati. In ebraico il suo vero nome è Jeschua che significa Redenzione (Salvamento). MARIA LA MADRE DI GESU’ viene chiamata Charia – sterco escrementi (tedesco Dreck). In ebraico il suo vero nome è Miriam. I SANTI CRISTIANI per cui la parola in ebraico è Kedoshim sono chiamati Kededchim (cinaedos)- uomini effemminati (Fate). Le sante sono chiamate Kedeschoth Puttane.

666Rothschild and 322Bush — I’m sorry for the Freemasons and Satanists all criminals that they will smothered in a supernatural way but what is that has to be said “is not a favorable time for them” mi dispiace per i satanisti i massoni e tutti i criminali se saranno soffocati in modo soprannaturale ma quello che deve essere detto “non è un momento favorevole per loro”

5OLDI3R1994 — è l’intelligenza il primo luogo della rivelazione di Dio cioè la metafisica della legge naturale che dice “fai il bene ed evita il male”. così [[ Dio è la vera scienza ]] infatti Einstein poteva dire “io voglio conoscere i pensieri di Dio! tutto il resto è meno importante!”. satanisti sionisti illuminati(cioè la sinagoga di satana) induisti comunisti buddisti(Bhutan) e soprattutto musulmani tutti loro uccidono i cristiani innocenti. questa è la dimostrazione scientifica che tutto il mondo giace sotto il potere delle tenebre ed è anche la dimostrazione scientifica che la pienezza della rivelazione è presente soltanto nel cristianesimo ma non come religione poiché nessuna religione in se stessa può essere salvifica. infatti soltanto la personale relazione con Dio è salvifica. pertanto molti andranno perduti perché hanno il demone dell’ateismo e molti altri andranno perduti perché hanno il demone della religione.

davidwaters69 said religion does not matter much my friend. religion and God are only between oneself and God. God only deals with people one on one and everyone is different. — ANSWER-lol. Satan is well for you is in favor of all while God is against all? bad of the religions of reality are not an excuse because the reality of God can not be changed by dickheads Sharia etc. all religious demonic! God is the master and it’s good! why if all things went for the worse it is because they are the enlightened Jews to dominate the world for over 500 years! lol. così per te Satana è a favore di tutti mentre Dio è contro tutti? le distorsioni delle religioni o della realtà non sono un alibi perché la realtà di Dio non può essere cambiata dalle teste di cazzo della Sharia ecc. i religiosi demoniaci! Dio è il padrone ed è buono! Poiché se tutte le cose sono andate per il peggio è perché sono gli ebrei illuminati a dominare il mondo da più di 500 anni!

[[the synagogue of Satan the enlightened it might say]] “who offers a sacrifice to the gods (Trinity ecc. ) as well as the one Lord ” must be exterminated “about bank seigniorage [[la sinagoga di satana di enlightened potrebbe dire]] “chi offre un sacrificio agli dei(Trinità) oltre che all’unico Signore “deve essere sterminato” circa il signoraggio bancario

FUCKYOUImpersonat ie mistafield — this ugly story for you? will end in tragedy! when soldiers have given to you the Satanists for to have betrayed your own people? questa brutta storia per te? finirà in tragedia! quandi soldi hanno dato a te i satanisti per avere tradito il tuo stesso popolo?

5OLDI3R1994 — tu non hai un problema con tuoi peccati finché li riconosci tutti così come sono tutti descritti nella Bibbia poiché Gesù di Betlemme ha pagato ogni tuo debito sulla croce. In realtà tu sei un vero figlio di Dio poiché tu sei rivestito di Cristo tu hai la stessa natura divina di Dio ed in realtà soltanto i cristiani biblici fondamentalisti potrebbero chiamare Dio “Padre mio!” infatti tutti gli altri anche i cristiani religiosi o tradizionalisti loro sono soltanto creature di Dio suoi servitori poiché ogni uomo è quello che lui è nella sua fede! se questa fede è confermata o autenticata dalla Parola di Dio

Mistafield ie GodHateDemons – drinks your poison made ​​by yourself – my kingdom? is not yours! I have not another temple of pure faith of a humble heart of every man because my Father seeks worshipers constantly Spirit love Justice Truth and universal brotherhood! but this is for you you’re in a lie because your pafre is Satan! I saw you to go down screaming into the depths of hell Mistafield ie GodHateDemons — drink yourpoison made by yourself — il mio regno? non è il tuo! io non ho altro tempio della pura fede del cuore umile di ogni uomo poiché il Padre mio cerca continuamente adoratori in Spirito Giustizia Verità e fratellanza universale! ma questo è per te tu sei nella menzogna perché tuo pafre è satana! io ho visto te di scendere urlando negli abissi infernali

the kingdom of Satan? is so fragile! how could hold out to my attacks? no! he can not il regno di satana? è così fragile! come potrebbe resistere ancora ai miei assalti? no! lui non può

[[ultrasound in my mind]] Satan was never “all-seeing” and then to know a fact? he needs it you should tell him another demon. Because he was been tied to the depths by me for all the next 50 years of my reign Unius Rei. In parallel when I heard the whistle from the right side of my brain I thought that they were good men who were happy for what I had written. but I could not understand that the whistle came from the Kingdom of God and that it was like an ultrasound. when I was 20 years? God is been in love with me he wanted to be thought by me always and more.

. God is in this is very feminine! this wonderful state? is lasted nine months but was interrupted by me that is by my obstinacy in sin unfortunately. You decide if the mine can be a natural phenomenon. When I write an article? after several minutes? I hear a whistle in the left ear (in the past I thought who were men that is Satanists criminals etc. and for their suffering that they were speaking ill of me)But instead? Satan was!

JEWS[[ultrasound in my mind]] God has decided to go down personally upon the earth! and of course he will because I will not stop HIM. In fact his “ultrasound” they are becoming more continuous almost constant. I have started at to have suspicious When the whistle of Approval (in right ear) was born in my mind in advance that is when I was still in the process for formulation my Article of the thought itself because it is well known only God knows the future. Moreover these whistles permanently disappear when I am in class with students a demonstration of the fact that this should not be a biological phenomenon. This to me is a little embarrassing because I am not romantic but this is right especially because even God has the desire to be more beloved by his Unius Rei.

to all peoples- Esodo 23[20] Behold I send an angel (UniusRei) in front of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared. [21] Pay attention to his presence hear his voice and not rebel against him he will not pardon your transgressions for my name is in him. [22] If you listen to his voice and do all that I say I’ll be the enemy of your enemies and an adversary to your adversaries. [23] When my angel goes before you and you will get at the Amorites (Satan) the Hittite (Mason) Perizzites (racist) the Zealot (Sharia) Hivites (Zionism) and the Jebusites (enlightened) and I will destroy them [24] you do not bow down to their gods and thou shalt not serve them you do not behave second their works but you’ll have to demolish and you will crush the their images. [25] You shall serve the Lord your God YHWH God (in Jerusalem). He will bless your bread and your water. I’ll keep away from you the disease.

JHWH-This is a decree of my majesty for the days of my kingdom that is for the next 50 years! “If the righteous man is away from his righteousness and does evil and because of that he dies he will dies in fact for the evil that he has committed. And if the wicked he converted from his wickedness he has committed and does what is right and just he gives life himself. he thought departed from all his transgressions he shall surely live and not will die. (Ezekiel 18 25) ihaterabbits127 – sorry if I could answer you first. But today is Sunday and I went to mass like every true Christian should do and has a duty to do! Even mistafiel and GRIMSREVENGE253 go to mass only that theirs is the Church of Satan. indeed their woman “ierodule” sacred? they have lost all concept of modesty and dignity. it was you that you have marked as spam my comments? courage you can tell me? do not be afraid!

Jews my brothers- i Unius Rei for the glory of God that is came! I has sentenced against [but not punished or ostracized or do violence] 1. every sexual perversion and homosexuality (Leviticus 18 22)! 2. all blasphemy against God (Leviticus 24 14) 3. I have abolished seigniorage banking and usury (Lev. 25 35) I have deleted all privileges for the Jews therefore Leviticus 25. 44 etc. etc. have all been deleted! Ihaterabbits127 – I no longer need to write the Bible on the youtube page as I have done and written in the past. because my ministry of Unius Rei has already swept in a supernatural all power and every stronghold of Satan. In fact these days the whole kingdom of satan is in great confusion because they know that the “Glorious Presence of the Lord God YHWH! One of Israel is going down for trial against all evil men of this generation. Therefore I use the Word of God only if I have to give confirmation of some prophecy.

freemasons satanists or Amalekites ago Unfortunately many of them are Jews Exodus 17. 14. “Then the LORD said to Moses Write this in a book because never forget you have to say to Joshua I want to annihilate the Amalekites None on earth [() after the parousia ()] will remember more of them “- ANSWER – you are all witnesses of this my statement I Unius Rei has will not to kill Freemasons and Satanists. satanisti or amaleciti or massoni purtroppo molti di loro sono ebrei Esodo 17 14. “allora il Signore disse a Mosé scrivi questo in un libro perché non sia mai dimenticato tu devi dire a Giosuè Io voglio annientare gli amaleciti nessuna sulla terra[()dopo la parusia()] si ricorderà più di loro” — ANSWER – tutti voi siete testimoni di questa mia affermazione non sarò io UniusRei ad uccidere massoni e satanisti.

because it is obvious to all as I am a very raw/rough material what still needs to be polished by the love of God

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – yes I have decided to do the collapse of the IMF and this will be replaced with another IMF of property of the Governments! but I have not decided to quit This imines aggression against Iran here’s why I decided to keep again for a while this enlightened that they do for us also this 3 °WW nuclear against the Koran Why the nightmare of 1400 years? well for me it’s gone on too long! However if you decide to 1. to evolve in theological reflection on Islam? (I could give you some help as Mahdì. ) and 2. proclaim the separation of religion from the state (true secular state not as in Turkey fake) but as in the West? So this war against Iran could be avoided. why I unlike the Americans? I do not need to say lies to make a war!

67/71[Talmud vs Cristiani] EPILOGO Al gentile lettore In questo lavoro ho citato passi di pochissimi fra i libri Talmud ici che fanno riferimento ai cristiani. Per amore di brevità e per risparmiare il cuore sensibile del lettore ne ho omesso molti altri che avrebbero potuto essere inclusi. Questi testi che ho citato comunque dovrebbero essere sufficienti per dimostrare quanto false siano le affermazioni degli ebrei quando sostengono che non c’è niente nel Talmud che insegni l’odio e l’inimicizia verso i cristiani. Se lo studio delle orribili bestemmie di questo libro dovesse risultare rivoltante per il lettore che egli non me ne voglia.

59/71[Talmud IMF vs. All Peoples For do one only single herd of slaves] Sepher Or Israel 177b3) Dele vitam Et occide And Kiphoth; gratus Enim Eris Divinae majesty sicut illegal oblatum incense offered here. In The Sepher Or Israel(177B) it says “Take Away The Life To At Kliphoth And kill Them And Like you To God As A That The offering incense. ” And in Ialkut Simoni(245c. n. 772) reads “One That spreads The blood of The Wicked is Time To Accept God As The one That offers sacrifice To God. VI. AFTER The destruction of The TEMPLE To JERUSALEM THE ONLY SACRIFICE NEEDED is THE MURDER OF CHRISTIANS In Zohar(III227b) Tea Good Shepherd says The only Necessary sacrifice is That Togliamo the Foul of Means To us. ”

Comment on your video infamous Freemasorry MARIO MONTI ECB FED IMF NWO antonKASA2007 SAID “is this a real picture. hmmm. so the MARIO MONTI is a mason. very interesting That many important leaders in europe are masons MARIO MONTI When the church looks behind the European (EU). and is not in the same pot with masons. who know who rules and who is mixed with who that Is not clear inside the eurozone “- answer – this is big evil too bad! this is the triumph of società hidden (Satanism) against the real Royal Society AMEN; this is triumph of darkness against the light! Alleluia!

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