refugees in Lebanon

[salafis imperialism will destroy my Israel] Terrorists fire 3 mortars against al-Midan Damascus An armed attack fires 3 mortar shells the first one targeted an area near the HQ of Tishreen Newspaper the second near a public park and the third was fired on the surroundings of the area. The shelling resulted in one martyr and two other injuries plus material damages were recorded.

[ the natural son Jesus? and the Christian adoptive son? they have in common the same divine nature!!! ] is written “the firstborn among many brothers” but your Satan? does not make you look at the whole word of God but both children (natural and adopted) are equally true children! have the same legal and civil rights! therefore have the same right to inheritance as the same name as the very nature of the FATHER ie God JHWH! Stvrmabteilvng — alleluia. Amen AMEN. ☠ pax ☠ ☠ pax ☠ + + hallelujah hallelujah AMEN. 09/17/12 I have done wrong to the All Those criminals who toppled the cross ♰ [♚ MENE ★ ★ Techel PERES] ♰ PAX ♰ CSPB CSSMLNDSMD VRSN SMVS MQLIVB ♰ “Drink your poisons made ​​by yourself” ♰ by ★ ♥ King ReiUnius ♥ ♥ Israel Mahdi [★] PAX ✞ [★] [✞ [★] ✞ hallelujah hallelujah amen

Kyrie eleison for Rothschild & Rochefeller synagogue of satan IMF FMI NWO Loading. This video is public. 91 views comunitaebraicaroma – That One has the idea of God? is what a man is! Why faith is the shape of being of any person while the measure of the level of his faith is his power! if you thought something indecent about the infinite perfection of God and his pure love you will be destroyed in hell as the Talmud says That the goyim they were created from God to be exploited by the Jews through banking seigniorage. Magdi Allam is not the only to tell against the planned “genocide” both physical and cultural against Christians have did do tHE Talmud Sharia Hinduism Buddhism Communism Freemasonry ie ONLY ONE usual synagogue of Satan What is the IMF ECB FED NWO etc.

[atheists parasites and criminals God blessings too all the Agnostics] because it is universally recognized that the truth is simple and universal for example “A man is not a woman” etc. etc. etc. here that demonstrate a universal truth it is also equivalent to prove a universal principle and absolute from which all things are came that is the proof of God! [atei parassiti e criminali] poiché è universalmente riconosciuto che la verità è semplice ed universale per esempio “un uomo non è una donna” ecc. ecc. ecc. ecco che dimostrare una verità universale è anche equivalente a dimostrare un principio universale ed assoluto da cui derivano tutte le cose cioè Dio!

[of course genocide and conspiracy against the human race all Muslims and all the Pharisees should be sentenced to death!] is strong the evil of all the cutthroats religious maniacs the Nazis of the League ARAB for the worldwide Caliphate. 07/17/2013 14 11. BANGLADESH. Islamist leader sentenced to death but Bangladesh continues downward spiral. was sentenced to death for mass murder and torture committed during the Liberation War of 1971 in Bangladesh. The International War Crimes Tribunal in Dhaka today issued the ruling against the Islamic leader ruling that he was guilty of five of the seven charges against him. His party has already announced a hartal (strike) to protest against the verdict.

[also in the story the Christian martyrs Orissa? India has lost all international credibility] 11/04/2010 INDIA. Nationalism and fanaticism the biggest challenges in India by Santosh Digal. 03/09/2005 [INDIA. the weapons that you bought? are still not enough!] Falsely accused priest arrested in Gujarat. 09/22/2010 INDIA. No to more violence over Ayodhya’s Babri Masjid Hindu leader says by Nirmala Carvalho 08/24/2004 INDIA Priest seriously injured in attack against Catholic Church 12/19/2008 INDIA Minister Antulay quits he suspected Hindu involvement in Mumbai attacks. India — è nessuno può dire che Unius REI è Italiano perché in 5 anni? io ho difeso l’Italia soltanto in riferimento a questa vicenda di questa tua malvagia criminalità evidente a tutti.

07/18/2013. [[PAKISTAN. all Islamist cutthroats NAZI (all friends of the Pharisees Anglo-Americans) without reciprocity without MODESTY WITHOUT INTELLIGENCE. do CALL TO WAR all THE HUMAN RACE. Pakistani Christian violently attacked for protecting his daughters]]. A few days later on July 13 some relatives were able to rescue the family with the help of the Justice and Peace Commission (Ncjp) which has been providing medical care and assistance. However the culprits are still at large. I TAGLIAGOLE NAZI ISLAMISTI (tutti gli amici dei farisei anglo-americani) SENZA RECIPROCITÀ senza PUDORE SENZA INTELLIGENZA. INVITANO ALLA GUERRA IL GENERE UMANO [all Nazi friends of Obama DATAGATE IMF 666 FED ECB FOR DESTROY ISRAEL]

drinkYpoisonJHWHwins ha pubblicato un commento 49 minuti fa 666 IMF; 322 Bush- [quando un cittadino si trova di fronte alla Vostra istituzione del satanismo? lui è spacciato!] voi avete compromesso la sopravvivenza della specie umana su tutto il pianeta perché i satanisti? loro non sono più una specie umana! “come? ” uomini e donne sono portati naturalmente all’adulterio ecc. ecc. così è possibile istituzionalizzare il male? per renderlo coercitivo fino al punto di eliminare il libero arbitrio voluto da Dio? per avere degli schiavi assolutamente attendibili e fedeli? voi siete satanisti pazzi!(quando l’Arabia Saudita dirà a me che è stata costretta a fare l’Islam aggressivo? per colpa vostra io dovrò loro perdonare)

TheReaderWriter SAID “fuck you! Fuck you bitch. Stop spreading your stupid ass shit all over Youtube. You fucking faggot”. — ANSWER– TheReaderWriter [★ ] PAX ✞ [★ ] [ ✞ [★ ] ✞ alleluia amen hallelujah Externa lExtranet amen Here is a malignant cancer in your body! In fact this year you will die! amen alleluia! HEI 666 imf Rothschild “perché i nostri ulivi sono stati abbandonati? perché le nostre strade sono piene di prostitute? sosì voleva il tuo talmud!”

My YHWH – que se atrevió a llevar el mal la mentira el racismo la violencia la depredación en mi humanidad? Juro en el nombre de Jesús yo no lo dejé ni también las raíces de hecho la devastación la destrucción la tribulación la desolación será su legado! Benim YHWH – getirmek için cesaret kötü yalan ırkçılık benim insanlık şiddet avlanma ? İsa adına yemin ederim ki ne de kökleri aslında yıkım yıkım sıkıntı yalnızlık onun mirası olacak ona izin vermez! My YHWH – die bringen gewagt evil Lügen Rassismus Gewalt Raub in meiner Menschlichkeit? Ich schwöre im Namen von Jesus ich will ihn nicht lassen auch nicht die Wurzeln in der Tat Verwüstung Zerstörung Trübsal Verzweiflung wird sein Vermächtnis sein!

[all this? is a persecution against me! it’s all very daunting!]1 26 08 Abraham Isaac Jacob Israel December 4 2011 14 07 Alert icon Rejected (length of video too) – ANSWER – BUT WHEN I HAVE LOADED? MY CHANNEL were enable for TO SEE VIDEOS OF LONG-TERM 1 26 08 Abramo Isacco Giacobbe Israele 04 dicembre 2011 14 07 Icona di avviso Rifiutato (durata del video eccessiva) –ANSWER– MA QUANDO IO HO CARICATO? IL CANALE ERA ABILITO A VEDERE I VIDEO DI LUNGA DURATA —
Henry Johnson

שלום אחי

JoeVida001 sent you a video “Bill Clinton slams Yasser Arafat for Rejecting Peace. ” Watch my video and see what Bill Clinton has to say about What Happened During the Peace Talks Between Israel and Palestine in 2000. -ANSWER- The TWO CONTENDERS? are in a clash of civilizations that is a reciprocal imperialist project for the conquest of the world their mutual faith? is bad! this is demonstrated by the fact that those who change “apostate ” the religion that became the state religion? then becomes in fact a traitor to the Fatherland but this it is a sacrilege against God! unless we have freedom of religion in the world? soon we’ll all die!

az99920 رد R مرحبا كويتي بحق! التصدي للصندوق الدولي مهمه كبيره ولكن معا يا اخي سيكون لنا القدره في الاتحاد وكثرة العدد سيكون ولوا في جزء يتحرك للتغير لكي نصد قوي الشيطان بحق – ANSWER – FOR do see that the Govern has “fake” control over the Central Bank International Monetary Fund or the? 1. they pretended to make a sex scandal 2. make proposals for the election Governor etc. etc. but this is all a scam of the IMF 666 322 it is outside the jurisdiction of each State why is the real sovereign power! per fare vedere che il Governo ha un controllo sulla Banca Centrale o sul Fondo Monetario Internazionale? 1. hanno fatto finta di realizzare uno scandalo sessuale; 2. fanno le proposte di nomina dei Governatori ecc. ecc. ma questa è tutta una truffa il FMI è fuori di ogni giurisdizione Statale perché è il vero potere sovrano!

2628342 – How could the ministers of God like you tolerate to be the accomplices and even be the supporters the most powerful form of Satanism that has ever existed in the history of mankind? Since Popes and the Catholic Monarchs they knew very well 1. [[as you have washed your sins in the blood of Christian babies lambs animals in human form ]] 2. [[All the hatred of your Talmud]] it is clear they thought they could control this situation. but now they are all dead! But without love (mercy and compassion) of the Catholic Church and the Catholic Princes to our shared patriarchs etc. etc. ? today would not exist one only jew into the world such as you have been cursed mightily by IMF Illuminati rabbis kakam scribes and Pharisees!! Now return to us the gift of life that has been done to you you take down you destroy the IMF!

Reply to your comment on PM Netanyahu’s meeting with the FM of Ireland Eamon Gilmore dtvdish0 SAID After read all your replays i realize you are just a joke Nothing to chat with you anymore –ANSWER– a demon has closed your mind! it’s because you descend into the abyss of hell! youtube-said All channels will be updated to the new design on March 7th 2012. – Answer – This is 1. a violence; 2. committed against a pejorative action! but any violence done by men they always come back! Jews satanists of IMF you are to gnawing also that bone that was left of democracy! But even the rich can die! youtube -said All channels will be updated to the new design on March 7th 2012. — ANSWER– questa è una violenza commessa contro una azione peggiorativa! ma ogni violenza fatta dagli uomini sempre a loro tornerà indietro! ebrei mledetti del FMI voi state rosicchiando anche quell’osso che era rimasto della democrazia! ma anche i ricchi possono morire!

YouTubers – it is obvious! this change of youtube? was done for to hide my comments ie the suffering of all peoples for guilty of the Jews of the IMF loan sharks! youtubers — è evidente! tutto questo cambiamento di youtube? è stato fatto per nascondere i miei commenti cioè la sofferenza di tutti i popoli a causa degli strozzini ebrei del FMI!

2628342 – the ghetto was not a form of contempt but a form of protection by Catholics against the wickedness of the Talmud. Unfortunately the rabbis kakam Illuminati were ordered it was put to wax in the ears of men that they were forced to listen to sermons weekly on the Sabbath. These sermons were not facts in order to convert to Christianity because they were sermons preached from the most famous scholars. was An attempt cultural to understand all the lies of the Talmud. and his Satanism! Hoping that could give rise to a cultural movement humanistic among Jews. but this is the only truth. Jews are under hypnosis fact none of them rabbis could talk to me

NEW YORK -” I no longer the Muslim Socialist that I was before. ”. U. S. President Barack Obama mocks Smiling and self-deprecating. – ANSWER – TRAITOR Obama Islamist liar murderess! the ethnic cleansing of Christians and Shiites priests deacons and bishops Killed in cold blood with deception blackmail kidnapped like animals rapes of girls “slaughtered” ransom demand all your scum of terrorists Salafis “Muslim brothers” to spread your sharia your “worldwide caliphate” which they are today in Syria and that you have just spread all over the Mediterranean etc. . ? are your CIA and your Arab League who is doing all these crimes! and your Jewish media the monopoly of each SpA Corporations for action IMF FED ECB Talmud agenda Bildenberg masonic system for banking seigniorage they cover all this with their lies and their information exploited. would have been better for you that you had never been born!

[all Nazi friends of Obama DATAGATE IMF 666 FED ECB FOR DESTROY ISRAEL]07/18/2013. [[PAKISTAN. all Islamist cutthroats NAZI (all friends of the Pharisees Anglo-Americans) without reciprocity without MODESTY WITHOUT INTELLIGENCE. do CALL TO WAR all THE HUMAN RACE. Pakistani Christian violently attacked for protecting his daughters]]. “This inhuman act – Rafique Masih tells AsiaNews – happened because we are poor and we had requested a loan of 70 thousand rupees (770 dollars) from the owners of the brick factory. They think that poor Christians do not deserve respect and that therefore they can do whatever they want. I may not be rich but I will fight for justice and for the respect and the dignity of my family. ” Rafique and his wife have seven children four girls and three boys. After his eldest daughter Iram 17 was yet again verbally harassed on July 10 last the father went to tell the two young men not to bother his daughters anymore. In response

[[World War 2 of the Kingdom of God after the Universal Flood!]] – It’s because of the IMF ie banking seigniorage that is been stolen and transferred by Jewish bankers against all peoples that all (morally economically culturally ) will always bad to worse and always will be everything for the worse so behind this monetary depression? there can only be the catastrophe of nuclear WW 3 °! here’s why I have sworn by the living God of Israel and in fact it is for this reason that I have most I’ll get my bloodbath but to the future? my bloodbath is against all the rich and against all the enemies of God!

Comment on your video Synagogue of Satan Jewish Ritual Murder MASSONERIA talmud kabbalah 13_24 mmvi59 said knows them as God knows each persons heart. I will not give into a discourse of any criminal and cruel activities of any religion as it only distracts from God’s true words. ‘Hate the sin not the sinner’. No one is without fault nor without sin. My faith is blind and my heart sees. The day is coming when even you O’ King will see the truth in this and those that follow the righteous the right truth and love will know you. As they will be God’s Warriors and words will not sway them.

[also in the story the Christian martyrs Orissa? India has lost all international credibility] Marò [India contro Italia] COMANDANTE IN SECONDA PESCATORI UCCISI DA INDIANI Non sono stati i due marò italiani a uccidere i pescatori ma gli indiani. Lo afferma a Radio Capital Carlo Noviello comandante in seconda dell’Enrica Lexie a bordo della quale si trovavano Massimiliano Latorre e Salvatore Girone. Noviello ricostruisce così le fasi della vicenda “eravamo sul ponte. Quando la barca si è avvicinata a 100 metri Latorre ha fatto le segnalazioni ottiche poi ha mostrato il fucile. Ma loro continuavano imperterriti ad avvicinarsi in una chiara manovra d’abbordaggio. E allora Girone e Latorre hanno sparato. In acqua però. Quando la barca si è allontanata col binocolo abbiamo visto che erano armati ma non era morto nessuno e le due persone fuori dal cabinato [do massacres too easily to expect any credibility]

drinkYpoisonJHWHwins drinkYpoisonJHWHwins ha pubblicato un commento 2 ore fa 666 IMF; 322 Bush;- voi avete creato tutta questa mostruosità città sotterranee (protette dal segreto militare) dove l’umanità è stata bandita l’ORRORE regna assoluto! esperimenti genetici ecc. ecc. nessuna limitazione! Adesso? come sterminare questi mostri (che sono pronti con la loro immolazione a dimostrare la loro fedeltà a satana? ) proprio voi voi avete dato a questi satanisti la più potente segreta sofisticata tecnologia? Questi mostri che possono camminare in mezzo agli umani!

[[18 luglio 2013. LO «STRAPPO» DI CAMERON. Londra ha bruciato i tempi le nozze gay sono già legge. e cosa si poteva aspettare dal sistema massonico inglese dove di fatto la Regina è sia il capo della chiesa di satana (la massoneria FMI 666 NWO). come anche il capo della Chiesa Anglicana? questa è tutta una profanazione in nome della ipocrisia istituzionale. voi state scardinado i fondamenti morali della società]]. deputato conservatore David Davies. «La Miller sostiene che la Chiesa non sarà obbligata a celebrare matrimoni gay — continua Davies — ma io conosco molti religiosi che temono ripercussioni qualora si rifiutino di sposare coppie gay. Temono di essere accusati di violazione dei diritti civili e di finire davanti alla Corte di Strasburgo». La Chiesa cattolica come quella anglicana e i musulmani del Regno Unito si sono sempre opposti alla nuova legge. Ma negli ultimi mesi contro il matrimonio gay non si sono alzate solo le loro critiche.

all the friends Nazis of Nazi Obama DataGate [all the cynicism and contempt of Islamist ideology (Arab League) for human dignity. therefore (Nazi Sharia Islamic imperialism) they can not claim to be a party politician. ] The decision by Hizbollah (Lebanon’s ‘Party of God’) to intervene in the Syrian conflict on the side of Assad has changed the situation in favour of the regime but in so doing it has rekindled violent sectarian strife between Shias and Sunnis in the border region. “The fate of refugees in Lebanon and displaced people in Syria is being aggravated by a growing confessional divide even fighting between rebel factions ” the Caritas Lebanon source said. “This is why the situation continues to deteriorate. “[all the cynicism and contempt of Islamist ideology (Arab League) for human dignity. therefore (Nazi Sharia Islamic imperialism) they can not claim to be a party politician. ]

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