rogue nations Jordan

rogue nations Jordan

6_7. [50 rogue nations Jordan] They also encounter discrimination and the threat of mental and physical abuse. Radical Islamists are becoming more active in society and there have been reports of violence and killings of Muslim-background believers. [Converts can find their marriages annulled and children taken from them. They also encounter discrimination and the threat of mental and physical abuse. ] [/world-watch-list-countries/jordan/] [Jordan è al 34° posto della lista nera degli Stati canaglia]— ANSWER — ma io conosco chi è il super assassino e predatore il seminatore della morte per tutto il mondo è il fariseo Rothschild del FMI

3 1_31. [IMF a Rothschild? is worse!] * “a SpA print money (seigniorage banking transfert) if the is pay and requires well interest (debt public). and you are less the. a slave because it slave knows his master! you’re just an animal unconscious as they say Talmud! [ABSURD!]. as CAN “03facchini_rito” o anyone else speak of everything. as why machines can not walk to (H2O) etc. etc. IF ONE that someone does not know what is HIDDEN seigniorage banking transfert and all the occult institutions it has created? IF POLITICIANS he continued AGAIN to pretend THAT stupid? SOON die ALL In the 3 ° ww NUCLEAR? in that case? even Israel would be lost as is this that Kabbalah Rothschild has strong!

[Rothschild I forgive thee with all thy]. evil can not be a future or an investment for anyone in fact evil not do discounts. but if you want you can come out from your darkness “” now now now! “”. you can come by me! you have no problems with me because 1. love is louder of hatred and death! because 2. the kingdom of God can not be won by anyone let alone if he can be won from Satan’s shits! (LOL. only to see how they dress Satanists?. feel sorry!) 3. It is not possible to win against a ministry political as mine! JewsxMessiahUniusRei

[[only in my Jewish Temple]] knows them as God knows each persons heart. I will not give into a discourse of any criminal and cruel activities of any religion of any ideology why the man is more important! as you are only attracts from God’s true words love. ‘Hate the sin not the sinner’. No one is without fault nor without sin. My faith is not blind and my heart sees of more. The day is coming when even you Oh’ the my King any friends and brothers. of my universal brotherhood. will see the truth in this and those in all Peoples! that won the right and follow the righteous the right truth and love? will know you!!. As they will be God’s Warriors and words will not sway them. but heart must feel. by king of Israel for kingdom of Palestine

374z3z8–Tomas ex mistafield spammer official of youtube from CIA —. IHateNEWLAYOUT – just you I was looking for Thomas CIA the priest of Satan! you must know that Bartolo Longo a great saint? too it was been a priest of Satan like you! I appreciated the photos that you(Thomas Mistafield of CIA) used for you of Holy Bartolo Longo the Saint. of course one day The Pope also proclaims you as Saint Thomas Mistafield ex-priest of Satan’s asshole but then become a powerful minister of God Almighty! too as saint Bartolo Longo. *** Bartolo Longo was an ex-priest of Satan

26_31. [IMF a Rothschild? is worse!] can be exhibited to the magistracy. Can not be Excluded the cases of punishment for crimes committed discounts of before the dissociation. For our part we am bound to the of the secret inside hole According to the of the canons canonical and right for more w Possess some do not reference of your identity That to the of the action issue of the secret code you is destroyed. You are the only person responsible of the custody of the secret code together with us. Please note that. If the solemn oath will not be held for satisfactory an integration will be In Which the asked appointment renders explicit to HIM live in the Legality in the good to avoid the Superstition and to escape from the satanic symbols as the mean micro Puce-Veri-chip or chips in the right hand.

28_31. [IMF a Rothschild? is worse!] and through the corporations the monopoly of energy of the chemistry of weapons of banks! 2 – have also twice of all the mass Monetary visible in the world. as? Put in the past the paper colored (money) in surplus government bonds that the government issues to pay for the notes e so close the budget a zero [seigniorage banking transfert other 100%]! 3-the result it is that “60 families of Satanists hold three quarters (3 / 4) of the whole the power financial and institutional and Masonic the world!” CONCLUSION A PEOPLE (invisible as seigniorage banking transfert) nearly one million Satanists-Masons has Fact control our planet. The world does not have no future! So get ready to take the micro chip!

nuclear WW III? Is here! IsraelNationalTV- Masons parasitic traitorous of their people servants of the enemy the banker jew rabbi Illuminated politicians without our political Sovereignty without seigniorage banking? They are forced to make the agenda of the IMF – NWO. That Is 3° W W nuclear. infact Ezra Pound was cruelly tortured he have revealed the report Between IMF and all the Wars. only “Unius REI” can set a culture of collaboration why since the Illuminati rabbis have set to cultures of opposition all functional at their agenda ie total control! because Rothschild can not kill me? no! between Jews among us? between us we do not kill ourselves!

[non c’è un futuro per Israele!] Neturei Karta ie “2628342”. cioè tutti i rabbini? loro sono i peggiori satanisti che esistono al mondo. la loro fedeltà è verso Rothscild e il FMI non è verso gli ebrei o Israele! sarebbe stato facile per loro di risolvere pacificamente ogni problema circa Israele. ma poi loro sarebbero stati costretti ad abbandonare la predazione contro tutto il mondo(signoraggio bancario). e sarebbero stati costretti ad avere una propria Patria! ma il sangue dei popoli(signoraggio bancario)? è troppo dolce per quei vampiri! ecco perché la distruzione di Israele era programmata prima del suo sorgere!

Caricato in data 01/feb/2012 European Defence League Promotion Video for a truly historic event. An International Defence League Demo taking place in Aarhus Denmark at March 31 2012. This is one demo you don’t want to miss! /watch? v=bEapUxwsIpw Mujahideen in Syria vow to make islamic country /watch? v=LgQMfN-bSAU MUSLIM ATTACK INDONESIAN CHRISTIAN 7 minuti fa MUSLIM STRIPPER CLUB IN ARABIA Indonesian Christian Defense League Indonesian Christian Defense League /watch? v=zLG9m3a0P_4 IndonesianChristian. org

Commento al tuo video Israel 666 of star Rothschild IMF talmud zazi racism Stato suprematista razziale David Duke. euro944t said EvolutionisReligion — Ephesians 6 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers(SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN) against the authorities(imf fed bce) against the powers(massoneria) of this dark world(Sharia Talmud Kabbalah) and against the spiritual forces(ideologies) of evil(666 322) in the heavenly realms. Rep Dennis Kucinich read this on house floor then took a big sigh and stated we are not fighting evil of the flesh. DK watched a UFO land ((Rothschild is the project calendar)) thru his gifted telescope on Shirley McClains balcony. McClain has largest UFO private film vault(have gave at the demons a body genetically modified)

TURKEY islamists sharia imperialism [corrupt cursed wretches. the hidden agenda Erdogan and the Pharisees the League Arba for plotting against Israel. ] expressing concern for their fate and inviting all those present at the iftar dinner to pray for them. At the same time he appealed to the Turkish government to intensify the search for their whereabouts. The two prelates were kidnapped by rebel groups opponents of the regime in Damascus supported by Turkey. “Their seizure ” said Bartholomew “has much troubled the Christian world and is raising many concerns about the fate of all Christians in the Middle East which is becoming increasingly dangerous. ” At the end of his speech there was a muted applause. For his part the mayor of Istanbul expressed his usual stance in favour of reopening Halki.

29_31. [IMF a Rothschild? is worse!] preparation for you has inside your name code with next the “666”. This will make you bionic and replace the your paper credit and count at the bank etc. MA In Book of Revelation that has spoken of this in every detail Technical already 2000 years ago you in heaven this “thing” you can not enter. This mean micro the brand of the chip is beast and we are close to the last time! “Death and Vita you are addressed a prodigious duel. The Lord of the life was death but now I live triumphs. ” sequence Easter This means a document was designed written published the day Easter the Lord 23 March 2008 Hours 6. 40. In the name of Yeshua Ha Mashiach Notzri and to the honor due to to him Jesus of Bethlehem. P. Pio said “How unfortunate our brothers do not match love Jesus

IMF CIA Cain criminal Dark Culico 666 — if it comes from you a piece of shit with the form of a piece of shit he also the smell of a piece of shit. as you you can Say That he is not a piece of shit?. and it is this That you are along with your Satan two pieces of shit! yuotube and now he can block Also my channel! But you at your age? Should you have a little ashamed to put on your head the head of the Embalmed dead donkey! 666 Googe CIA IMF then youtube is the loving mother and protective of all Satans fag losers who cry? The dispice for you! but your 49 years? were useless in fact you turn to all the world with the head of embalming a dead donkey condom! maybe you’re the last condom That Satan has used to fertilize the cow Rothschild IMF NWO. but you go around the world with a condom-shaped the head of a dead donkey make yourself like fuck full embalming for Satan! you are the most fun for all the skeletons in the cemetery!

[free Syria from IMF 666 CIA NATO ie Al Quaeda saudi imperialism] Bashar al-Assad “I am not a Western puppet — I have to live and die in Syria” ~ Bashar al-Assad “Non sono un pupazzo degli occidentali — Ho intenzione di vivere e morire in Siria” ~ (Eng-Ita +Video)In an exclusive interview with RT Syrian President Bashar Assad said he will not leave Syria. Assad also spoke on the calls for armed foreign intervention in Syria and the possible fallout on the country’s internal conflict and across the region. “We are the last stronghold of secularism and stability in the region and coexistence let’s say it will have a domino effect that will affect the world from the Atlantic to the Pacific and you know the implication on the rest of the world ” Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad told RT in an exclusive interview that will air on Friday November 9.

Grèce autorisé à DL pour de nouveaux licenciements. Le plan touchera contre 25. 000 salariés du secteur public. 18 juillet. Le projet de loi dans le cadre des mesures exigées par la troïka (les criminels maçons 322 Bildenberg tous les complices des usuriers les pharisiens éclairé nourri BCE FMI 666) Aujourd’hui à Athènes le ministre allemand des Finances Wolfgang Schäuble. – RÉPONSE – parce que le FMI 666 322 NWO les Pharisiens satanique (Anglo-Américains) tentent de faire valoir contre contre la Grèce? car il est un allié d’Israël. et est pour la même raison qui ont été faites à exterminer par Tito le 200. 000 les citoyens d’Udine et de Gorizia dans le Karst dolines parce que le transit de 200. 000 Juifs que fuyant les Balkans. et ce salut au risque de sa vie contre les nazis? sans l’occultisme de complicité Palatucci etc. ? aurait été impossible!

YHWH – I can no longer tolerate all these criminals of the Freemasons accomplices of the IMF for the destruction of their own people! O thou my God convert them or You kill them! -ANSWER–Psalm 110 1. The LORD says to my Lord “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool. ” 2. The LORD sends forth from Zion your mighty scepter. Rule in the midst of your enemies! 3. Your people will offer freely Themselves On the day of your power in holy garments; from the womb of the morning as the dew of your youth will be yours. על יהודי רבנים kakam האילומינטי של קרן המטבע FED NWO ECB שבב אלקטרוני השטן freemansory 322 666 ECC. ECC. ] J3kl7x (12 ore fa) אמר D חבר שלי אלה חארות הם לא מתים

5_7. [50 rogue nations Jordan] — ANSWER — but I know who the murderess and super predator the sower of death worldwide are the Pharisees 666 Rothschild IMF occult e masonic power for banking seigniorage. [/world-watch-list-countries/jordan/] [Jordan it is on the 34th place in the black list of rogue states] [Converts can find their marriages annulled and children taken from them. They also encounter discrimination and the threat of mental and physical abuse. ] The church landscape is comparable to pre-civil war Syria with a certain amount of freedom for traditional Christians. There is relative tolerance for Muslim-background believers; however leaving Islam is not officially recognised and public evangelisation of Muslims is against government policy. Converts can find their marriages annulled and children taken from them.

The 666 IMF; FED ECB 322 freemasonry system masonry European Union Nobel Prize 2012 for ‘Peace’ violates basic human rights and obscures Syrians TV channels. October 22 2012 — After the great success of the Syrian media in dealing with the ferocious attack armed and mediatic against Syria the EU ministers have agreed with the administration of the satellite Hotbird and Eutelsat to stop completely the spread of the Syrian satellite TV channels on the Eutelsat and Hotbird platform orbits. As part of the media campaign against Syria in a unilateral action in contrast to the terms of the contract agreed Hotbird has suspended the deployment of Syrian satellite television channel and this kind of attitude by Hotbird violates the rules of professional ethics of the media and transgresses inexcusable the rules and principles of the media.

Illuminati by Lucifer 666 IMF Rothscild — è dal 1200 che voi siete riusciti a prendere il potere come ha detto Dante Alighieri nella Divina Commedia “uomini siate e non pecore matte cosicché tra voi il giudeo non possa ridere!”. infatti il talmud satanico era conosciuto da tutti anche da Hitler! Voi avete fatto lo sterminio delle monarchie cattoliche la creazione delle false democrazie massoniche del signoraggio bancario ecc. ecc. è per colpa vostra che ora il mondo è tutto sbagliato! ecco perché può essere soltanto distrutto se Unius REI non riceve un mandato da tutto il pianeta non c’è più la speranza di sopravvivere alla terza guerra mondiale! ecco perché le nazioni hanno preferito investire in armi piuttosto che investire in un progetto culturale per fare la fratellanza universale! infatti tu non puoi amare i demoni farisei dal cuore di pietra come ha detto Giacobbe(Genesi 40) sul suo letto di morte!

6 mesi fa

Benjamin Netanyahu – the whole planet is only one pyramid namely the 666 322 NWO that is the new Tower of Babel is a very fragile construction from my point of view for me. but in reality without divine resources you can not fight it with it because it is made ​​of demons. Since it is not possible do not have relationships with the IMF and with the stock market or commercial then no one can say “I am no part of the NWO” not even the IRAN can say that! but if in a nation are SpA corporations and then there is also the Masons? then even that nation it was completely smitten! and how Freemasonry is occult too on the inside so the NWO is hidden on the inside and feeds nourishes regenerates in the to do crushing of lower levels of this pyramid which is the kingdom Satan. that’s why I will dash to hell all those who do not devote their lives to denounce the bank seigniorage

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad- non è Dio uno solo? Allora chi sei tu che devi fare del male ad un servo di Dio? soltanto perché lui non segue il tuo libro? allora tu fai a lui del male? ma se Dio invece è contento del servizio di quella persona? non sarai tu giudicato come un malfattore come un criminale? e se poi quella persona è nella verità mentre tu sei nella menzogna? quanto prima non sarai proprio tu ad andare all’inferno? Quale Dio buono può fare del male ad una persona onesta soltanto per motivi di religione? cioè per motivi di coscienza? Tu sai quale è la differenza tra amare una donna oppure tra commettere uno stupro contro di lei? bene “Dio non è uno stupratore come te e tutti gli altri musulmani criminali come te!”

IsraelNationalTV — come i rabbini hanno potuto maledire così in modo potente il mio popolo ebraico? e come loro hanno potuto “fare gli uomini di Dio” pur essendo e facendo la professione di banchieri strozzini? questo è un concetto abominevole! Se qualcuno non fermerà questi pazzi del FMI? noi moriremo tutti! Ecco perché hanno ucciso il Messia. loro erano già dedicati a satana con determinazione perché un pacifista come Gesù? non avrebbe mai potuto essere un pericolo per i romani! Mentre era certamente un pericolo per i satanisti!

youtube – how we can ask to Rothschild to free the prisoners and to leave to “Unius Rei” the IMF? if you yourself have stifled freedom of expression with this crime NEW LAYOUT. Now you must return the historical memory of youtube you must return the history of the comments! return you have the expression that is the identity to all channels do it now! youtube — come noi possiamo chiedere a Rothschild di liberare i prigionieri e di lasciare a “Unius Rei” il FMI? se tu proprio tu hai soffocato la libertà di espressione con questo tuo novo criminale NEW LAYOUT. ora tu devi restituire la memoria storica di youtube tu devi restituire la cronologia dei commenti! tu devi restituire la espressione cioè la identità a tutti i canali fallo subito!

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