440, FARISEI ANGLO-AMERICANI, dio gufo, Bohemian Grove, 322, datagate, micro-chip, aliens abductions, 666, SPA, FMI, FED, BCE,

YouTube Rewind 2012 allDavidDuke 23 minuti fa [[ CON LE VOSTRE BUGIE? VOI FARISEI ANGLO-AMERICANI, dio gufo at Bohemian Grove, 322, datagate, micro-chip. aliens abductions, 666, SPA, FMI, FED, BCE, VOI AVETE STERMINATO, 1.000.000 DI CRISTIANI IN IRAQ, ECC..! voi siete i più pericolosi criminali della storia del genere umano!] [Kerry: le autorità della Siria sono responsabili per gli attacchi … Continua a leggere

433, 666, cannibal, criminal, Bush, Obama, Rothschild, masonic system, IMF, 322,

 666 IMF FED CIA, 187AUDIOHOSTEM, 322, ECB, DataGate – marcuime, decomposition, stench, vermin! what you have done, on this page, for becoming the “leader” of the worms? which doctrine which you have expressed, on becoming the leader, to whom? I could become your follower, if only, if, I could have the gift of being able to listen to your teachings. … Continua a leggere

432, IMF, Spa, NWO, FED, ECB, SpA, corporations, 322, OGM, aliens, A.I., DATAGATE, “big brother”, Bush, CIA, Pharisees Anglo-American, Enlightened,

IMF NWO FED, ECB, SpA, corporations, 322, OGM, aliens, A.I., DATAGATE, “big brother”, Bush, 666. CIA, Pharisees Anglo-American, Enlightened, unfortunates cursed murderers, the Masonic system Bildenberg, of all the false democracies,of : seigniorage banking stolen from the people — [demo (ni) cracy (crazy)] – at this point, as we can say that: God: YHWH HOLY, he was cruel, when he … Continua a leggere

376, culto, di Baal Marduk, gufo, dio, al Bohemian Grove, 322,

YouTube Rewind 2012     why gewdboobs mistafied187 ecc.. is on this page: continuously continuously continuously he is an satanist you are an satanist they are too afraid of me: but, can not discover the secret of my power, because it is not in this world or in the spirit world my secret is at the throne of God Yeshua Ha-Mashiach] … Continua a leggere

374, Satanist, cult of Baal, Marduk, god owl, Bohemian Grove, 322, Lucifer, IMF, 666, NWO, consciously, deliberately,

Yeshua Ha-Mashiach] @ Rothschild – I do not, I say this, of course, to you, that you are the traitor of a Pharisee, Illuminated by Lucifer IMF 666 NWO, consciously, deliberately, to have chosen to be a Satanist, for, do, cult of Baal Marduk, god owl at the Bohemian Grove, 322, why, give a body to the demons to make … Continua a leggere

349, drink your poison made by yourself, Rothschild, IMF, NWO, Bush, 322,

YouTube Rewind 2012 @ King SAUDI ARABIA —– God, my YHWH, holy Spirit, holy ALLAH, BRAMA, love LONGING, etc. .. is same, the ONLY ONE – gave to me, a power: the absolute control of everything, that it belongs to satan .. for example, google DataGate 666 youtube – they do everything they can to make do see, to Rothschild … Continua a leggere

315, universal brotherhood, kingdom of Palestine, 666, IMF, FED, ECB, cannibal, gods owl, Baal, Marduk, bohemian grove, 322, institutional Satanism,

Rrmbgpym –[universal brotherhood, kingdom of Palestine]– Isaiah [2, 2-5] At the end of the time, the mountain of the temple of the Lord will be erected on top of mountains and will be above the hills, all nations will stream to it. [3] Many peoples will come and say: “Come, let us climb the mountain of the Lord the temple … Continua a leggere

312, 666, 322, FED, ECB, Rothschild, IMF, GEDDA, Paesi arabi del Golfo, legati, Arabia Saudita,

GEDDA, 19 AGOsto – I Paesi arabi del Golfo, legati all’Arabia Saudita, sono pronti a compensare, qualsiasi taglio degli aiuti occidentale, all’Egitto del generale al-Sissi. Lo afferma il governo di Riad, di fronte all’ipotesi di decisioni punitive, dell’Ue Usa. I sauditi destinano, ingenti finanziamenti, all’Egitto, e hanno sostenuto a spada tratta, la deposizione del presidente Morsi (il loro figlio islamista, … Continua a leggere

300, Yemen, Usa, Gb, Americas, Wake up, synagogue, NWO, satanists, IMF, 666, 322, Long live Egypt, free and proud

08/19/2013 16:57EGYPTFor Egypt’s Christian Churches, Western media with their lies help IslamistsIn two separate statements, the Coptic Orthodox and Catholic Churches condemn the recent violence and offer their support to the government. They call on Western media to show the true picture of Egypt without fomenting sectarian clashes. Only unity between Christians and Muslims can save the country. Cairo (AsiaNews) … Continua a leggere

255, 666, FED, ECB, 322, IMF, multinazionali, contro, popoli sovrani

[[ Etleboro — [[ L’arma delle multinazionali contro i popoli sovrani — TG 24 Siria . 8 ore fa. Siria‬, Scelto per Stasera, Intenzionalmente ripetuto Oggi .‎ Jihad‬ ‪. Al Qaeda‬ ‪.‎ Onu‬. la storia si ripete: abbiamo un Osservatorio Siriano, che parla da Londra, c’è una serie di video falsi e manipolati ritrasmessi dai network internazionali, esistono organizzazioni umanitarie … Continua a leggere