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Islamists, all the shit of Satan, U.S., EU, UN, Spa, Emma Bonino, Bildenberg, banking powers occult and Masonic, Spa, IMF, Pharisees Anglo-American FED, ECB, —- so, you want to pass, Egypt like a sack of potatoes, 1. from the pan (Masonic and satanic powers occult, banking seignirge, of the IMF, EU, ​​USA, the great Satan, god owl at Bohemian Grove), … Continua a leggere

245, ALEX JONES, Salafis, Al Qaeda, Lega Araba

15:08 WAC San Antonio in-Studio: 1776 World Wide, It’s Time to Just ‘Get Some’ on The Nwo! 2/3 the mercenary troops of the “Arab League”? ie the Salafis of Al Qaeda? they are having too much fun in Syria! Syria cynically abandoned civil war: ANSA.it – ​​2 hours ago Syria, who died American reporter The Associated Press – 3 hours … Continua a leggere

218, Arab League, Egitto, Al Qaeda, SYRIA

 YouTubeYouTube 635880 iscritti 70213264 visualizzazioni video       KingxKingdom2     KingxKingdom2 ha pubblicato un commento     1 secondo fa     DrakeDarothic ie: TheKingdomOfDragons posted a comment 3 hours ago said: me Unius REI. “@ HellxDesPairTruction … after All Those words said are you SURE: your Christian?” –ANSWER- @Rothschild IMF NWO 666 322, FED ECB — > WHAT IS THIS A … Continua a leggere

69, world Caliphate, Al Qaeda, ie, their secret services

    YouTube Rewind 2012 LorenzoJHWH Unius REI 1 secondo fa as, no claim? any claim of the Arab League?, is, sharia imperialism, for the world Caliphate, Al Qaeda, ie, their secret services] 10:14. August 8. Zanzibar, two girls affected with acid (the only thing utiile, for Islamists of Muhammad, of, women: is their vagina, so the face is not … Continua a leggere