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[77] because a nuclear reaction, of Saudi #Arabia, or the Arab League, against our preemptive nuclear attack, would not make sense? 1. we do not have a hatred against them! 2. do not want to steal them one grain of sand! 3. we know that Sharia law will kill us, and therefore we have a right to self-defense.. when, will … Continua a leggere

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Syria, for Christians in the midst of the danger of war, death, of being kidnapped, robbed (by terrorists islamists of Arab League)] Until now the only organization able to distribute food and offer hospitality to the thousands of displaced people in the province of Aleppo is the local Caritas, which operates through the parishes and convents scattered in the various … Continua a leggere

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    EGYPT. [any sharia has his jihad: destroy the infidels: then you can destroy Israel. said: Arab League] At the priest’s refusal the Imam took the two children to the local court with three other Muslims of the village. Without a trial, the judge detained the two children in a youth detention center on charges of religious desecration. Their parents’ … Continua a leggere


114.805   YouTube Rewind 2012 kingdomofJHWH 1 secondo fa to achieve in our own way, the Illuminati agenda? [[ARAB LEAGUE and ISRAEL IS DESTROYED FOR MAKING THE KINGDOM OF PALESTINE– .. quickly, we become, the first world power, from the point of view: ethical, cultural, political! a positive revolution: for the entire planet .. because, the system Masonic and satanic … Continua a leggere

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@ Arab League said: hello  LorenzoJHWH: “we must find a solution cultures, the problem of, Shiites and Sunnis, and Israelis and Palestinians, and I, with your love, and with the help of God, I can do it, quickly.”Who is with God? He is also with me! we have to find a cultural solution to the problem of, Shiites and Sunnis, … Continua a leggere

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 YouTubeYouTube 635880 iscritti 70213264 visualizzazioni video       KingxKingdom2     KingxKingdom2 ha pubblicato un commento     1 secondo fa     DrakeDarothic ie: TheKingdomOfDragons posted a comment 3 hours ago said: me Unius REI. “@ HellxDesPairTruction … after All Those words said are you SURE: your Christian?” –ANSWER- @Rothschild IMF NWO 666 322, FED ECB — > WHAT IS THIS A … Continua a leggere

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 YouTube Rewind 2012     “Io, sono stato rovinato dalle banche! io Ho perso la testa e ho sparato”. Le attività imprenditoriali, che, si era costruito, con fatica, gli sono crollate addosso. Così come, i rapporti, con i figli. A 60 anni passati, Giovanni Rienzi, si chiede, come sia finito, in una situazione asfissiante, che, gli ha tolto tutto. Anche, la … Continua a leggere