433, 666, cannibal, criminal, Bush, Obama, Rothschild, masonic system, IMF, 322,

 666 IMF FED CIA, 187AUDIOHOSTEM, 322, ECB, DataGate – marcuime, decomposition, stench, vermin! what you have done, on this page, for becoming the “leader” of the worms? which doctrine which you have expressed, on becoming the leader, to whom? I could become your follower, if only, if, I could have the gift of being able to listen to your teachings. … Continua a leggere

432, IMF, Spa, NWO, FED, ECB, SpA, corporations, 322, OGM, aliens, A.I., DATAGATE, “big brother”, Bush, CIA, Pharisees Anglo-American, Enlightened,

IMF NWO FED, ECB, SpA, corporations, 322, OGM, aliens, A.I., DATAGATE, “big brother”, Bush, 666. CIA, Pharisees Anglo-American, Enlightened, unfortunates cursed murderers, the Masonic system Bildenberg, of all the false democracies,of : seigniorage banking stolen from the people — [demo (ni) cracy (crazy)] – at this point, as we can say that: God: YHWH HOLY, he was cruel, when he … Continua a leggere

349, drink your poison made by yourself, Rothschild, IMF, NWO, Bush, 322,

YouTube Rewind 2012 @ King SAUDI ARABIA —– God, my YHWH, holy Spirit, holy ALLAH, BRAMA, love LONGING, etc. .. is same, the ONLY ONE – gave to me, a power: the absolute control of everything, that it belongs to satan .. for example, google DataGate 666 youtube – they do everything they can to make do see, to Rothschild … Continua a leggere

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 I’m embarrassed to not have more time: 1. personally thank the many that are added to my 4000 friends. 2. sending articles. But [YHWH God(Allah)] asked me to write many articles for the benefit of mankind: (a). to advance the understanding of the dogma of the faith and continue this latest wave of evangelization. (b). to try to save this … Continua a leggere