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INDIA, Orissa, peace for Christians, refugee camps Behold, I will curse you in the name of Jesus! Here is a malignant cancer in your body! In fact, this year you will die!    []allarm[]: are the [big] bankers: enlightened of IMF-NWO  CSPBCSSMLNDSM­DVRSNSMVSMQLIVB.  seigniorage banking, who should be investigated and arrested: Globalist and Their friends, like George Soros. You hit the … Continua a leggere

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Italy against: India monsters] – Answer – IN really, the trial in India: it was an act of piracy deception: harassment and theft, because the incident occurred: water International, and the patience of Italy: it was made​​: to the test, the tape, which clearly revealed as a judgment honest: could never get out from India, which, however: it would end … Continua a leggere

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IO CREDO A TUTTI I CONCILI!    INFATTI, io sono un cattolico biblico fondamentalista: CONSERVATORE! MA, IO conoso l’amore di Dio: AMORE UNIVERSALE: i suoi sentimenti e i suoi pensieri! io non credo di essere un assassino: come te: I MUSULMAN: ILLUMINATI: ECC: io sono stato mandato: a salvare gli uomini: non a perderli.. perché: io sono unius rei.. tu … Continua a leggere

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Freemasons and Satanists have control of power! RFID conspiracy of the Pharisees, Verichip 666, ie, aliens abductions [Copyright © tldm. org] Let Us All Pray the Rosary Together Around the World for people to refuse to accept the Mark of the Beast… Click here… Other topics in the awesome Bayside Prophecies: latest news, terrorism, nuclear war, coming events upon man, … Continua a leggere