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  This double standard is costing America its credibility across, the, region;, and, the, message being understood is that: if you are an ally, of, America, then you can get away with abusing human rights. [322 agenda Talmud] kill hope CIA FED 666 IMF [FED NWO 322 agenda: IMF Talmud], for, kill Israel! CIA FED criminal 666 IMF [Saudi Arabia … Continua a leggere

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    KanyeWestTheGayFish 1 anno fa     weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee    JewsxMessiahUniusRei    /user/theyearinreview/discussion     @ SKYSPLASH -> lol. no human mind can understand: Zechariah Ch. 14, because: a verse from another? spend:pass hundreds of years, but: also, the verses are placed in a disorderly manner, while, in fact, the verse (4): talks about:of the Messiah, that is for: Last Judgement, which is at the … Continua a leggere

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    EGYPT. [any sharia has his jihad: destroy the infidels: then you can destroy Israel. said: Arab League] At the priest’s refusal the Imam took the two children to the local court with three other Muslims of the village. Without a trial, the judge detained the two children in a youth detention center on charges of religious desecration. Their parents’ … Continua a leggere


114.805   YouTube Rewind 2012 kingdomofJHWH 1 secondo fa to achieve in our own way, the Illuminati agenda? [[ARAB LEAGUE and ISRAEL IS DESTROYED FOR MAKING THE KINGDOM OF PALESTINE– .. quickly, we become, the first world power, from the point of view: ethical, cultural, political! a positive revolution: for the entire planet .. because, the system Masonic and satanic … Continua a leggere

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187audiohostem said: [the enemy is everywhere] –ANSWER — Questo, tutti lo possono vedere, e, tutti lo possono capire! .. satana un idiota! –ANSWER — La forza di satana, e dei nemici di: Unius REI è la menzogna.. ecco perché, Unius REI non avrà, mai nessun problema, contro, i suoi nemici, infatti: nessuno può impugnare una calunnia, contro, Unius REI.. io … Continua a leggere

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@ 666 youtube, GOOGLE, DATAGATE, NATO, ONU, UE, FED, IMF, ECB, USA, ALIENS abductions – 322 – You’re pathetic! you’re the one who walks around with the head of a skeleton, to tell others, that is, to your enemies, “you are a Satanist “..(SO, said: mother, to her whore, ie, her daughter, “you must say, bitch, to the other girls … Continua a leggere

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my JHWH — gli USA devono essere isolati! è la stessa superiorità tecnologica degli USA, che è: diventata una minaccia letale, per tutte le Nazioni: essendo diventati: loro i satanisti, … quindi, non c’è altra soluzione, che, cacciarli, espellerli, da tutte le nazioni del mondo, @666 USA IMF FED — e se, come voi dite, voi non avete niente, di … Continua a leggere

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Israel — your Rothschild IMF, said: “Hilkkoth Akum (X,1)Do not save Christians in danger of death” LorenzoJHWH Unius REI 16 minuti fa Papa: messaggio a musulmani fine Ramadan. 02 Agosto 2013 16:01 (ANSA) – CITTà DEL VATICANO – Papa Francesco ha firmato, personalmente, il messaggio ai musulmani di tutto il mondo, che, dal 1967, il Vaticano rivolge loro(inutilmente), per la … Continua a leggere

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    YouTube Rewind 2012 @ My YHWH – que se atrevió a llevar: el mal, la mentira, el racismo, la violencia, la depredación, en mi humanidad? Juro en el nombre de Jesús, yo no lo dejé, ni también, las raíces, de hecho, la devastación, la destrucción, la tribulación, la desolación será su legado! @ Benim YHWH – getirmek için … Continua a leggere