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UniusRei3 [340/13dic] [ L’INFINITO #GENOCIDIO DI CRISTIANI INNOCENTI PIANIFICATO, da Farisei Anglo-americani, e salafiti #Lega #Araba. Ora, #Israele è in tunnel! noi tutti i Popoli, noi siamo spacciati! ] #euronews (in English) 22/ott/2013, [Picture of the day] Funeral for victims of wedding attack, Relatives of four victims killed in an attack at a wedding on Sunday, attend their funerals at … Continua a leggere

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08/17/2013 EGYPT – ISLAM. Cairo, hundreds of Islamists barricaded in mosque. More attacks on churches and Christian buildings. The Army is negotiating with the protesters to clear the building. Yesterday, more than 1,000 Islamists were arrested. Blood bank torched; protesters shot at firemen. Christian organizations draw up a list of churches attacked yesterday. Hamas and Iran defend Muslim Brotherhood. The … Continua a leggere

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15:08 WAC San Antonio in-Studio: 1776 World Wide, It’s Time to Just ‘Get Some’ on The Nwo! 2/3 the mercenary troops of the “Arab League”? ie the Salafis of Al Qaeda? they are having too much fun in Syria! Syria cynically abandoned civil war: ANSA.it – ​​2 hours ago Syria, who died American reporter The Associated Press – 3 hours … Continua a leggere

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Freemasons and Satanists have control of power! RFID conspiracy of the Pharisees, Verichip 666, ie, aliens abductions [Copyright © tldm. org] Let Us All Pray the Rosary Together Around the World for people to refuse to accept the Mark of the Beast… Click here… Other topics in the awesome Bayside Prophecies: latest news, terrorism, nuclear war, coming events upon man, … Continua a leggere

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06/26/2013 [SYRIA [ @ King Saudi ARABIA – these are the fruits ye cursed, of cursed, your prophet cursed! and your damn IMF-NWO Obama ally 666 322 Kerry, for your cursed dhimmi, Arab LEAGUE, for Sharia worldwide caliphate! — Fr Mourad, “a man of faith” who gave his life for Christ and Syrians. Interviewed by AsiaNews, a Franciscan in Syria … Continua a leggere