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These jackals, pirates, murderers, of: Indian Government, have not yet understood, the gravity of the situation! Nia has kill them, their fishermen (coincidentally ) Catholics, from ( coincidentally ) on the vessel San Antony, as, pirates hinduists for satan, to steal the Italian State, but, they could not know, that, the weapons of the rifle, were experimental weapons, then, the … Continua a leggere

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09/02/2013 [Among: tear gas: and prayers, Tunisia burying Belaid, and his Spring: crushed: by the imperialist dream: of Salafi jihad islamists ] The crowd in the cemetery: Al Jellez, where: was buried: Chokri Belaid . were over one million the number of people who have followed the procession. The heavy toll from the clashes, with dozens of cars on fire, … Continua a leggere